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What Does Mold Look Like? 5 Signs It’s in Your Home

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Did you know that health experts estimate that 70% of homes have mold in them?

Since mold is common in nature and grows easily, you shouldn’t panic whenever you discover small colonies in your house. Although there are negative effects of having mold in your home, treating the issue right away can keep both your house and your family safe.

What does mold look like, exactly? Keep reading to learn about how to identify it and the top five signs of mold.

What Does Mold Look Like?

The most common type of mold you’ll find in your house is dark and has a fuzzy appearance. Early growths are small and tend to accumulate in areas that are wet and warm. This means that bathrooms and basements are the most susceptible places. Here are some telltale signs you have mold.

1. You Have Cold Symptoms that Won’t Go Away

One of the top signs of mold in your house is having cold or allergy symptoms that never go away. When mold enters your body, it harms your respiratory system and skin. As a result, you can experience coughing, rashes, dry or watery eyes, and sneezing.

2. Your Wallpaper or Paint Is Bubbling Or Cracked

Sometimes it’s hard to spot mold colonies out in the open. One red flag that you could have mold hiding inside your home is bubbling or cracked wallpaper or paint. This appearance isn’t caused by the mold itself, but by moisture that allows mold to thrive.

3. Your Bathroom Fan Isn’t Running at 100%

Running your fan whenever you shower is the best way to remove moisture from your bathroom to prevent mold growth. Over time, it’s normal for fans to get clogged and not run as powerfully. Addressing this issue as soon as you notice it will make it harder for mold to grow in your home.

4. Your Home Smells Musty Even After You Clean It

A moldy house will always have a distinct musty smell inside no matter how often you clean it.

If you haven’t discovered any visible signs of mold growth, you might have an issue that’s beneath your flooring or behind your walls. In situations like this, it’s always best to call for mold remediation services to ensure the mold can be found and removed as soon as possible.

5. You’ve Experienced Flooding or Leaks

If you’ve ever experienced flooding or even minor leaks in the past, it’s wise to get an inspection to make sure you don’t have any mold growing in your home. Since pipes can leak in places that are hard to see, a professional will have the tools required to detect any mold.

Now You Know the Signs of Mold in House

What does mold look like? Now that you know the answer, you can make sure your house doesn’t have any growths. If you do discover mold, properly removing it right away will prevent the problem from getting worse.

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