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How to Start a Legitimate Home-Based Business When You’ve Got Kids

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As a father and a legitimate home-based business owner (or future owner), you’re in a unique position. Is it possible to balance your obligations as a father while running a successful business? 

Depending on the age of your kids, your responsibilities will vary. However, before investing your time, money, and future into a legitimate home-based business, you need to come up with a plan of attack. If not, the very kids for whom you’re working to support could be the downfall of your business.

For our top tips on managing your home-based business when you have kids, keep reading.

Establish a Routine

Like any business owner, your success depends on one key factor – consistency. Consistency in advertising, sales, and most importantly, your efforts. Inconsistency will quickly lead you down the path of being one of the 50 percent of all business owners who fail in the first five years.

Establish a routine as soon as possible for both you and your kids. If you can get everyone in the house into a habit that maximizes your efficiency, you’re on the right track.

Schedule Breaks to Take Care of the Kids

Part of a practical routine includes necessary breaks throughout the day. Breaks are important for relieving stress and maintaining focus.

As a father running a legitimate home-based business, breaks are important for tending to the needs of your children. This means making extra time for snacks, meals, naps (for them or you), bonding time, etc. 

Just make sure your breaks are timed so you don’t lose track of the day.

Get the Kids Involved in a Productive Way

Understandably, kids need a lot of your attention throughout the day. Depending on their age, they may just be bored. Find ways to get your kids involved in your day to day operations.

While they can’t necessarily help you with your business, they may be old enough to handle other duties. You could have them prepare meals, complete chores, etc.

You could also give them faux job responsibilities, such as drawing new business logos, decorating your workspace with art, and more.

Set Boundaries

When you’re running a legitimate home-based business with kids in the house, there will be times when you need to set up and enforce boundaries. For example, during business calls and video conferences, you may need to keep the door to your office closed and the kids quiet.

Additionally, some work responsibilities require complete focus. In these scenarios, your children need to understand and respect your needs.

Consider Hiring Help

When you work from home and have kids, you need to accept that your work life isn’t going to be the same as other peoples’. There are going to be days full of interruptions where you don’t get as much done as you’d like.

Allow yourself some grace. If you don’t, you’ll quickly find yourself becoming too stressed out. This will lead to less productivity in your work and more irritability with your children.

Consider hiring a nanny or at-home help, even if it’s only for a couple of days a week. There are also daycare options available, but those can be quite expensive.

For the summer months, take advantage of Camp Experts. You may be able to find an amazing summer camp for your children to visit, giving them a fun vacation and you some time to focus.

Looking for More Advice On Running a Legitimate Home-Based Business? 

If you’re looking to start a legitimate home-based business but have children, it’s okay. There’s absolutely no reason you can’t be successful, and we can help.

Check out some of our other articles before you go. Our website is dedicated to helping dads like you.

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