TV with Decorations Around It

The Complete Guide to Decorating Around a TV: Everything to Do

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More than 1.4 billion homes have a TV somewhere inside of them, so knowing how to decorate around or with a TV has become a crucial aspect of homemaking. However, knowing how to do so with finesse, style, and grace is a rare commodity. 

Have no fear — help is here! Follow this guide to learn more about decorating around a TV.

Decorating Around a TV: Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

Here are some nifty points of inspiration and guidance that can help you properly decorate around a TV! 

Built-In Television Wall

A built-in television can increase storage space, improve the flow of your home, and provide a seamless-looking entertainment center for your living room. While you can choose to bust-out the drywall and timber and build a new wall, this effect can also be achieved with furniture.

Furniture with multiple storage spaces and a large central space for your television set can work just as well as personalized walling. It can also be far less expensive to achieve, and a more viable option for those living in rented spaces.

Built-in television walls allow users to decorate, organize, and beautify any space with interfering with the television screen in any way. Also, it’s a sleek and modern option that can truly upgrade the entire feel of your home.

TV Wall Designs

Most modern TV wall designs focus around a wall-mounted set. A wall-mounted television frees-up plenty of space and area for other items or decorations. A fireplace can become an excellent, toasty location for a mounted television set.

Most sets can be mounted anywhere on your walls, though some may need to be placed on a stud. Not sure about installing a wall-mount yourself? Find out more about what a professional service can do for you!

Living Room TV Wall

Imagine that your living room decorations and your living room TV have come together in perfect harmony. It’s more than possible! You can decide to turn your living room wall into a TV wall with a few choice storage options and a handy wall mount.

Rather than staring at clashing artwork, stacks of DVDs, and hodgepodge pieces of furniture, you can decide to pursue a living room theme. Cinema is a great place to start. Framed movie posters, a velvet curtain and rope, and upgraded lounge chairs or a sofa can elevate a haggard living room.

You can also choose to display and organize your DVDs and media with a handy cabinet or bookshelf!

Watch TV Fashionably and Comfortably!

Because television sets aren’t massive, chunky pieces of heavy equipment anymore, there’s greater flexibility in how to place them and decorate around them! The only limits to your power are your imagination and budget.

But if your living room is drab, sad, and generally unappealing, get to work today! You can rest in style and luxury with the right planning and follow-through. Just remember — decorating around a TV should be a fun activity, and not a stressful one.

If you’re looking for professional assistance in wall-mounting your TV, contact a professional service today!

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