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7 Tips to Help You Build a Small Business

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You may be surprised to know that 99.9% of businesses in the United States are small businesses. This means that small business takes up the majority of the business world but it is still possible to build a small successful business from the base up. 

So if you’re looking for tips on how to build a small business, then you’ve come to the right place! A small business can be a huge challenge but it is one that you can totally achieve. 

We’re here to give you lots of advice on you can start a new chapter in your life.

Keep reading for our guide to the ten tips on how to build a small business. 

1. Start With a Simple Business Plan

When it comes to starting your business, you’re going to need to figure out some type of business plan. This can be a rough idea because it is something that will develop and change over time. 

Sit down and ask yourself a few questions about the goals for your small business. 

What will your business’s mission statement be or your key to success? Decide what your main objectives are with marketing, making money, and handling customers. Ask yourself how you will stay organized throughout the process. 

2. Get the Help You Need

Small businesses don’t just start running overnight and sometimes need a lot of extra help to get up and running. Once you’ve created a rough business plan you should figure out what type of help you need and then decide who you can ask. 

Help can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is manual labor or even financial help that you’re asking for. 

As a small business owner, there are many people who may already be willing to help you. You could seek help from mentors, peers, suppliers, or even vendors. Luckily, not all people are in it for financial gain and some people do in fact want to see you succeed.  

3. Make Sure You’re Passionate

Starting a small business means that you have to be passionate about it. There are tons of small businesses that are started and die because there isn’t any passion or drive behind them. 

So before you even begin investing anymore or making any plans, make sure that your small business is something that you can remain passionate about for years to come! 

You need to make sure that your small business plan is something that gets you excited every time you start thinking about it. If you have any second thoughts or moments of doubts, then this might not be the right path for you. 

4. Get a Second Number for Client Calls

When starting a small business you’re going to want a dedicated phone number that you can call clients with that isn’t your personal phone number. Sometimes getting a whole new phone with a new number can be expensive especially if you’re just starting your new business. 

With this app, you can call or even text your clients from a local phone number that isn’t your personal phone number. The iPlum app will act as your business phone and keep all correspondence with your clients such as text messages, voice mails, and even your contacts. It’s just like getting a second phone without having to actually carry around a second phone!

5. Start Using Social Media Right Away

Social media is the best way to start advertising your small business so you should make sure to start using it right away. There are plenty of different ways that your company can advertise on social media but making profiles and creating shareable content is the best way to start. 

Shareable content is content that your followers will find interesting and want to share on their own social media pages with their followers. Make sure that you’re also using appropriate hashtags so your posts can be seen by potential followers. 

Another great way to get more followers is by generating posts that have a lot of engagement. When your posts get a lot of likes and comments then the algorithm will push them to the top so more people will see them. Make sure you respond to people who comment on your posts to keep the conversation going as this will also help more people to follow your small business’s social media accounts. 

6. Ask for Feedback Along the Way

If you’ve never had a small business before, then you will probably be learning a lot of new things along the way which is great! Make sure to ask for feedback from anyone and everyone along the way and apply it as you go. 

Getting feedback from clients, old coworkers, friends, or even family members about your small business is a great way to make sure that you are constantly improving your business ideas. You want to make sure that your business stays fresh and is convenient and efficient for everyone. 

Also, remember that not all feedback is good feedback! If you don’t agree with something that someone said, then you don’t necessarily have to do it. It is your small business after all. 

7. Don’t Give Up

One of the best tips that we can give when it comes to starting a small business is to never give up! In the beginning, it can be very difficult because you just might not see the revenue that you’re expecting. 

When you power through it and continue to stay focused on your goals you will see gradual improvement. Small businesses don’t just happen overnight and it will take time and determination to see the results that you want. 

Remember that each day you’re learning something new when it comes to running your own small business. 

How to Build a Small Business

When it comes to learning how to build a small business there are quite a few challenges that you will need to conquer first. Make sure that you have enough time and dedication when starting your small business so that it will be successful. 

Be sure to keep scrolling our blog for tons more business advice!

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