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How to Successfully Design Your Own Logo?

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Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to re-brand your existing one, it all starts with a good logo. 

Your business’s logo is the first introduction to your brand and a gateway to more clients and investors in the future. 

If you look at brands like Apple or Nike, you see that their seemingly simple logos have become iconic in the consumer world. This is because the trick to a successful logo design is simplicity.   

Keep reading to learn about modern logo design ideas for your business, and how you can start designing your new logo today.   

Modern Logo Design Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

We know that designing your own logo can be daunting. Don’t let the fear stop you! Here are some of our best tips and tricks to help you design a great modern logo for your business.  

1. Identify Your Brand and Target Audience  

The purpose of your business logo is to attract your target market and audience. 

Start your logo design journey by determining what your brand stands for and who your brand is trying to reach. Then, compile this information into a mood board (a series of fonts, colors, and pictures) to help you better understand the direction in which your design is going. 

To truly understand your brand you must identify its “personality”. Is your brand soft and simple, professional, sporty, or sophisticated? Your brand’s personality will be the deciding factor in which direction your logo design process will continue! 

2. Be Unique 

When beginning your logo design journey, you will likely look at other successful brands for logo design inspirations.

While this is a necessary part of the creative process, you want your logo to be original and unique to your brand’s image. Think outside of the box, push your limitations, and you will produce something special.    

3. Use Color Intentionally 

Color in design is used to convey emotions and personality

Red is energetic and bold. Orange is creative and youthful. Blue is professional, and black is powerful. 

When choosing the color schemes for your logo, think back to tip #1 and your brand’s image. What are you trying to tell the world? What personality attracts your target audience? 

4. Name Logo vs Icon Logo

For companies like Starbucks or Toyota, most people can identify their logos from a mile away. This type of recognition comes as a result of time, and a great deal of advertising. 

If you are a small company starting off, consider creating a logo involving the name of your company. If the company has a unique name, a logotype can work for you. If your company has a generic name, consider designing a name, along with an icon, to begin advertising your brand.   

5. Keep it Simple 

When creating a logo, it is important to have a balanced combination of simple and light-hearted.  

Your logo should be engaging and interesting to your audience, but you don’t want people to get confused as they try to de-code your logo.

You want to create a simple and adaptable logo that is suitable for every media platform. Something that can look good on multiple backgrounds, fit into apps, and easily used as an icon on social media.  

Now You’re Ready to Start Designing 

Designing the perfect business logo takes time and a lot of trials and errors. 

When you begin your logo design journey, remember that it’s easy to get lost in the modern logo design ideas of others. By staying true to your brand’s identity, you’re sure to produce a unique logo for your brand.   

Want more business advice? Check out our blog for more ways to build and improve your business today.  

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