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How to Create a Vision Statement for Your Business: The Complete Guide

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Creating your vision statement is one of the most important things you can do for your business. A well-crafted vision statement acts as a guide and will help you grow your business with your most important priorities in mind.

If you are wondering how to create a vision statement for your business, here is a complete guide to help you get started.

What Is A Vision Statement?

In a nutshell, a vision statement describes the overall impact you want your company to have on your customers or clients, your community and even the world. It’s the end goal of your mission statement, what your customer’s or client’s lives, community or the world will look like after your company has achieved its mission.

What Is The Importance Of A Vision Statement?

Creating a vision statement is essential because it helps drive your business strategy and guides you forward during the good and hard times as a business owner.

With your vision statement, you can convey your company’s promise, values, and attitude to everyone who is involved, from a shareholder to the entry-level employee.

How Long Should A Vision Statement Be?

Your company’s vision statement can be any length you want to make it but short and succinct statements are efficient and effective.

While writing a detailed statement may feel productive, you want to be able to capture your reader’s attention quickly and get your message across in the simplest way. For example, the vision statement for the Alzheimer’s Association is a single, yet profoundly impactful, sentence:

A world without Alzheimer’s and all other dementia.

This is an 8-word vision statement but it paints a clear picture of how the Alzheimer’s Association plans to impact the world.

If the Alzheimer’s Association wrote a multi-page statement, you and everyone else reading would likely grow bored and never fully understand their end goal. By keeping your statement short and sweet, you are demanding the attention your company vision deserves.

Tips On Writing The Perfect Vision Statement

There are a few important questions to answer before you start writing your missing statement, including:

  • What your company does or provides
  • How your product or service helps people
  • The core principles and values of your company
  • The company’s long-term goals
  • How you will achieve the long-term goals

With the answers to these questions in mind, you are ready to start writing your company’s vision statement. Be sure to include the following elements:

  • Your “why” for your business
  • A specific outcome that is actionable and quantifiable
  • Exciting ambition but nothing unbelievable or unrealistic
  • Simple language that is easy to understand, no corporate jargon, buzzwords or metaphors

By implementing these elements into your vision statement, you are sure to craft a clear and effective statement that will be understood by everyone who reads it.

How To Create A Vision Statement: The Bottom Line

If you’ve ever wondered how to create a vision statement, this is the guide for you. By following the advice in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to crafting an impactful and engaging vision statement for your business.

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