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What Are the Business Benefits of Running a VMware Cloud on AWS?

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Are you considering running VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Since 2016, the world’s largest private and public cloud providers combined services. Now, they have general availability for any business that’s ready to reap the benefits. 

Read on to learn all about the business benefits of running VMware Cloud on AWS! 

1. Reduced Costs

Because the services are combined, you’ll be managing everything from just a single platform. You’ll also be able to standardize VMs across multiple data centers, adding up to significant cost savings since you’ll be able to reduce the number of VMs in an environment.

In contrast, setting up your own computing infrastructure is far more time-consuming and also more costly. 

2. Native Services

After combining VMware and AWS, engineers from both providers were able to find ways to deliver native AWS services to customers. This means that you’ll be able to use an Elastic Network Interface to directly access VMware SDDC. 

This enables you to do things easily such as:

  • Directing backups to S3 buckets
  • Uploading data directly to Amazon RedShift for data warehousing
  • Building elastic load balancers to front-end applications

All of these options are able to be utilized from the same location and save you time.

3. Consistency

If you have a large business, you know that adopting cloud technology isn’t necessarily a clean process. With multiple providers and millions of gigabytes of data, it can be hard to create a consistent process that everyone is utilizing. The VMware Cloud Foundation allows customers to utilize and easily adopt cloud technology all across Amazon’s infrastructure.

4. Availability & Security

With VMware Cloud, you’ll find that your uptime is far better while the chance of long amounts of downtime is mitigated. You’ll be able to enjoy this near-constant uptime because redundancy is built into the platform in case of disasters and other unexpected events. 

Even better, single businesses alone aren’t often able to attain the kind of security measures they need to keep their customers’ data safe. VMware Cloud provides heightened security for IT assets from economies of scale cloud platforms.

5. Monitoring

Last, but not least, you’ll be able to enjoy better monitoring when it comes to your IT assets. This means you’ll be able to quickly resolve issues as you receive updates in real-time in the case of any incidents.

The management of your IT environments becomes simple and efficient because you’ll have a whole view of your service catalog and IT infrastructure.

Reaping the Business Benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS

By utilizing VMware Cloud on AWS, you’ll be enjoying numerous business benefits that you may not have thought of before. Not only will you be saving time and money by consolidating your cloud providers, but you’ll also be enjoying improved security and monitoring that many businesses can’t provide on their own due to the costs.

Ready to learn more ways about how to improve your business operations and keep your data safe and secure? Keeping reading our blog for more tips and tricks.

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