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5 Cool iPad Accessories Every Apple Lover Should Have

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The year after launching the iPad 10 years ago, Apple only sold 19 million. Last year, Apple sold over 130 million.

It’s safe to say that the iPad has been a solid winner for Apple. It easily beats out the competition, taking up 36% of tablet sales.

The iPad is great all on its own, but you can always take it to another level. Here are five must-have cool iPad accessories that should be on your wish list right now.

1. The Right Stylus

A stylus makes using your iPad so much more efficient and easy. From improving your writing to precision selection, a stylus makes life better.

The Apple Pencil is a top pick. It’s obviously compatible and offers excellent sensitivity.

Other great options include the Wacom Bamboo Sketch and Logitech Crayon. They work well with multiple devices and are affordable.

2. Adjustable Tablet Holder

We’re doing a lot of things at home these days. Work meetings and weekend dates are increasingly taking place through a screen.

Make it easy on yourself and go hands-free. Get an adjustable tablet holder so you only have to worry about keeping your pets from bombing your Zoom meeting and not holding up your iPad.

3. Enclosures and Mounts for Work

The best iPad accessories aren’t just for home use. Many workplaces have customer-facing iPads and tablets that they need to keep safe.

These iPad enclosures make the devices easy to use. Plus you can rest easy knowing that they won’t easily be damaged or stolen.

4. On-The-Go Keyboards

Doing a lot of typing on your iPad isn’t always the easiest. Laptops have an advantage here, but luckily, there are accessories for iPad that will fill in the gaps.

Adding a keyboard is a smart move. The Apple Smart Keyboard is a great choice because it’s slim yet takes the heaviest typer’s abuse.

The Logitech Slim Folio case is a two-in-one solution, offering both a keyboard and a protective cover. If you’re looking to keep costs down, go for the Fintie Blade X1.

5. Durable iPad Cover

Tablets are portable, which means they have a greater chance of taking lumps, bumps, and everything in between. Show your iPad some love by giving it a protective and durable cover.

Zagg’s Rugged Book is great for people who are prone to dropping their iPad. It’s a must-have if you have to hand it over to kids and teens, too.

Need even more heavy-duty protection? Add on a Griffin Survivor for both shock- and water-resistance.

Cool iPad Accessories and More

There are plenty of ways to level up one of the most useful tablets on the market. These cool iPad accessories offer the essential upgrades that make using an iPad even better.

Decide which ones you need the most, determine your budget, and go from there. You’ll get addicted to building the ultimate iPad with all of these amazing add-ons.

Your iPad isn’t the only thing you can improve. We’ve got tons of tips and tricks to make life so much more awesome.

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