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5 Types and Areas of Digital Marketing You Should Know

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You’re wondering how to utilize digital marketing to help improve your business, but you need to know where to start?

With over 4 billion users on the internet, it’s critical that you understand how digital marketing works. There are several different areas of digital marketing and we are going to go over them with you.

Let’s check out the top 5 types of digital marketing you should know to help your small business succeed.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Arguably the most important type of digital marketing, SEO is the process of bringing in organic viewers to your site from a search engine result. When a user types something into a search engine such as Google, the result showing is due to SEO rankings. 

The better a website’s SEO ranking, the higher the chance it will appear in a search result. This means more traffic coming into your site and more business. If you want to improve your organic search engine results, check out these tips from Zgraph.

2. Content Marketing

Another great type of digital marketing is content marketing. By utilizing valuable content that you’ve created, you can distribute the content towards a specific target audience. 

The content should be relevant and aim towards a specific demographic or niche. By creating content that is valuable and relevant, viewers see it as good advertising, rather than spammy marketing.

3. Social Media

When you use social media handles as part of marketing strategies, you can greatly increase your exposure and following. This is a digital marketing concept that is going to connect you and improve interaction with your customers. 

Not only does it allow you to improve your overall customer service but it allows you to market products and services in a unique way. Just about every successful business utilizes social media as part of their marketing strategy now and so should you. 

4. Influencer Marketing

This is a new trend that is skyrocketing through 2019 and into 2020. This type of marketing allows you to put services or products in front of consumers that are truly interested in a specific industry or niche. 

Influencers are experts in a precise niche and have a strong following that is engaged. By teaming up with them, you can have your product or service promoted in front of an audience that legitimately wants it.

5.  Affiliate Marketing

This is by no means a new type of digital marketing strategy, however, it still works and can greatly increase revenue. Affiliate marketing is a process that involves getting paid for conversions. 

Much like influencer marketing, you team up with a company to promote a product or service. However, in this case, you earn commissions from a conversion.

So if you’re an affiliate with a digital marketing company and promote their services on your site – every time someone clicks on that link to sign up with them, you earn a commission from that conversion. 

Areas of Digital Marketing

These are the top 5 areas of digital marketing that every business owner and blogger should know. Start implementing them into your marketing strategies and you’ll start seeing more success than ever before.

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