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How Much Does Commercial Landscaping Cost on Average?

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According to the 2020 Landscaping Services Industry in the US Market Research Report there are 503,999 landscaping businesses in the United States employing 1,089,108 people.

When you receive a bid for commercial landscaping, do not be swayed by a classy presentation in a customized folder. The important part of that bid is the details in the bid. Let’s take a look at what a commercial landscaping company should cost and how to compare quotes.

Make Sure the Quote is Complete

Compare all quotes you receive to make sure they contain exactly what you need done. Quotes should outline the services being provided in detail. If there is a wide variation in price, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Not every company provides the same services or product quality.

Labor is a large portion of your bill. If the commercial landscaping company employs legally documented workers, pays them a fair wage and benefits, and follows proper safety standards, the cost will be higher. A company that employs illegal immigrants at a lower wage, no benefits, and is not worried about safety complaints will quote lower.   

Check the property line measurements on your quote. Have all companies identified the border of your property correctly? The quote will be based on the size of the land they are landscaping.

If you are paying for lawn mowing service, how often will it be done? If they are providing mulch, what type is it? Hardwood mulch is less expensive than cypress. If annuals are being planted, what type of flower is being used and how far apart are they spaced?  

Commercial Landscaping Costs

The cost of landscaping varies based on how big the yard is and what is being done. The total cost for a complete landscape installation will range between $3,000 to $16,000. 

The average commercial landscaper charges between $50 to $100 per hour. This means a standard lawn service with a two-person crew that takes 30 minutes to mow will charge $100 for the service

A fair bid takes into consideration the company’s overhead costs. They must pay employee wages, equipment, truck maintenance, trailer, and more. Think of all the equipment you see a landscaping service use when they come to your home or business and what it would cost you to purchase and maintain those items.

Compare Quotes and Decide

If you obtain five quotes you will see a wide variation in price. Throw out the highest and the lowest. The center three will probably only have a 3-5% variation in cost. Compare the details on each of those bids and make your selection.

Once you have chosen the commercial landscaping company that fits your needs and budget, give them a call and schedule your service. The outside appearance of your business depends on it!

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