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How Dangerous Are Elevators? Choosing the Right One for Your Company

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Finding an elevator for your company may seem like an easy choice. After all, aren’t all lifts the same? The answer is no; not all elevators are created equal.

You may also think you’re saving money by buying a cheaper elevator, but it may wind up costing you more than money down the road. 

If you’ve ever ridden those rides at the amusement parks that feel like falling elevators, you should know elevators are dangerous. Wondering how dangerous are elevators? Keep reading to find out.

Elevator Death Statistics 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics stated that between 1992 and 2001, 68 people were killed riding an elevator to work. You may be thinking, “that’s nothing, I’ve ridden elevators my entire life, and I’ve never felt any sort of danger.” 

Sure, 68 deaths over nine years is low for a statistic. But while elevators have a flat fatality rate, their accident rate is quite high. Elevator and escalator accidents injure almost 17,000 people per year, and 60% of those accidents are elevator accidents. 

Misalignment Issues And Other Common Causes 

The misalignment of the elevator car with the floor causes most of these accidents. The misalignment causes passengers to take a step off the elevator, not knowing they’re higher than they should be. 

Misalignment falls can result in serious injuries, especially for older people. Elevators can also cause harm by plummeting accidents and getting stuck. 

How Dangerous Are Elevators?

A Los Angeles Times article reported the U.S. makes a total of 18 billion elevator trips per year. When you take this into account, you can see the fear of elevator accidents shouldn’t deter you from riding one. 

Comparatively, you have a much higher chance of getting into an auto accident on the way to the elevator than on the elevator. 

So There’s Nothing to Worry About?

While your risk of being involved in an elevator accident is low, that doesn’t mean you should scoff at the notion of vetting elevator companies and contacting attorneys. Because there are few elevator accidents, there are fewer attorneys who know anything about the law. 

It doesn’t matter whether your company owns an elevator, or you’re involved in an accident, knowing who to turn to brings benefits.  These benefits can save you from high medical costs or lawsuits. 

It’s also beneficial to think about what company you use to install the elevator. Using a US-based company as opposed to one overseas often brings benefits in the form of better construction and less risk. These benefits can also save companies from lawsuits down the road. 

Install Your Elevators the Right Way 

Don’t worry about the statistics; install your elevators with the peace of mind that comes from working with the right company. Doing your homework and working with the right elevator company can wind up saving your business from painful legal fees and regret. 

The next time you ask yourself, “how dangerous are elevators, anyway,” don’t think twice about the answer. Know that your company’s elevators are safe. 

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