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How to Buy Weed Online (Legally) Without Getting Scammed

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Around 12% of American adults smoke cannabis. When you buy weed online, you get to smoke marijuana at your highest convenience.

Buying weed online is an important skill set for the modern cannabis consumer. It makes the difference between getting stoned and getting scammed. Most importantly, it gives you access to better buds, which makes for an all-around better experience.

Getting pot from a stranger is stressful. If done correctly, ordering cannabis online makes the process much easier and, most importantly, less stressful. 

Here’s what you should know about buying cannabis online:

Be in a Legal State

Can you buy weed online? The answer is yes, but only in states where marijuana is legal.

By law, dispensaries only ship within state lines. That means you’re free to order weed online from a dispensary in a legal state. Otherwise, you risk getting caught and charged because marijuana isn’t federally legal yet.

Dispensaries don’t ship their goods to states or counties where marijuana is illegal. If a website claims to do this, it’s illegal and/or possibly a scam.

Research Dispensaries and Delivery Services

The smartest way to buy real weed online is to learn everything you can about a source. Legal, trustworthy dispensaries have a social media presence as well as a search presence. Therefore, finding them online is easy.

Scammers have no real online presence. If they do, their following is either small or purchased.

Never, ever buy weed through Craigslist or any other shady online source you can’t verify. It’s either a police sting or scam, so it’s not worth the trouble.

Check Out the Selection

Knowing how to buy weed online means combing through a source’s selection. The best selections offer a variety of products and strains.

Ghouse carries Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains. They also sell cartridges. Plus, they’re the most convenient delivery service in the Washington DC area.

Speaking of convenience, you’ll appreciate this next point.

Sit and Wait

When you buy legal weed online, it’s a convenient experience. After you order the weed, someone simply meets you at a designated location or delivers it to your door.

If you live in a legal state, it’s possible to have weed shipped to you. The packaging is usually discrete, so no one will be able to tell you’ve ordered cannabis.

Pay in Cash

Anyone who knows how to buy legal weed online also knows you have to pay in cash. Because weed is still federally illegal, popular payment options refuse to work with dispensaries and delivery services. That’s why it’s important to have actual cash on you before you see the delivery person.

Always have cash in exact or rounded amounts. That means $45 for a 45-dollar bag (eighth) or $100 for an 85-dollar one (quarter). It makes the buying process easier for the seller.

If you ordered delivery, give the delivery person a tip. They deserve it.

Buy Weed Online Like a Bud Boss

Global marijuana usage increased by 60% over the past decade. As cannabis grows in popularity, it’ll become easier to buy weed online.

Try to get word-of-mouth weed recommendations from trusted friends. They’ll tell you the truth about how a dispensary/delivery service operates.

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