PEO 101: What Are Professional Employer Organizations?

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As of 2019, the Spanish workforce was made up of at least 19 million employees.  These figures might be slightly lower, currently, considering the temporary implications of COVID- 19. Nonetheless, the size of the Spanish labor force has grown in leaps and bounds compared to a decade ago.

As businesses expand, the need to hire more employees is inevitable. The bad news is that with such growth comes the headache of managing a large staff team. Things can easily go wrong when dealing with such a bloated workforce.

This is why most businesses opt to outsource professional employer organizations to manage the human resource aspect.  For most companies, managing the labor force isn’t always one of their greatest strengths.

If managing your human resource has become a real nightmare, then maybe it’s time to consider a Professional Employer Organization.

What Is a PEO?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is any company that offers comprehensive HR solutions for your small or medium-sized business. These organizations focus on everything related to your employees while you concentrate on your core business activity. Once you outsource your employment management system to a PEO, you enter into a co-employment agreement with the company.

The PEO, as the co-employer, will take over all the administrative and employment-related tasks. This is an important consideration given that it takes off the burden of staffing from your hands.

What Can PEO Help You With?

If you thought setting up a business is all about finances, then try managing your workforce. There’s so much that goes into the process of managing your staff. Without proper professional support, most of these tasks might pose a real headache.

Payroll and Tax for Your Business

Preparing your payroll records can be a tedious process even for the smallest company. Such records include salaries, bonuses, and withheld taxes. Professional employer organizations play an important role in simplifying payroll and taxes for your business.

Ensuring Compliance With Employment Laws

Spain has well-laid-out laws that regulate the labor market. However, with the ever-changing legal landscape on employment laws, keeping up can be a challenge. PEOs help in ensuring compliance with such legal provisions to minimize any legal consequences.

Dealing With Employee Health Benefits

Spain is the 13th biggest spender on health insurance in Europe. While this is a major milestone, managing employee health benefits is never an easy process as your organization expands. However, with a Professional Employment Organization as a co-employer, you never have to worry about such benefits.

Other Non-Employee Functions

The general assumption among most business executives is that PEOs are simply staffing or payroll companies. This couldn’t be any further from the truth.

The primary function of PEOs involves staffing. Yet, this isn’t the only role these professional employer organizations play. PEO companies can help your business grow more strategically and pain-free.

Once you subcontract a PEO, you’ll also witness a reduction in most of your general business costs. PEOs play an important role when selling or transitioning your business. Working with a reliable PEO such as PEO Spanish also ensures that your business focuses on the most profit-producing tasks.

The other important function that PEOs play is focusing on your business stability by increasing the chances of survival. Seasoned PEO companies achieve this by reducing the most common business risks. Your PEO Company can also help your enterprise in the creation of better business process efficiencies.

Benefits of a PEO

PEO is not limited to just the staffing and the payroll role for a client. Your business has a lot to gain by outsourcing PEO services. Here are some of the accruing benefits.

Flawless Recruitment Support

With the right PEO, you no longer have to worry about the recruitment process for your staff. PEO companies can work with you to develop job descriptions, conduct wage and salary surveys, and analyze the job market. These processes help to ensure that you only settle for recruits who fit into your unique business needs.

Professional employer organizations have the requisite experience to help you improve your interview and selection process.

Minimize the Rate of Lawsuits

The extent of PR fallouts due to lawsuits, and the cost implications, can be overwhelming. Even a single lawsuit can devastate your business. This is why you need a PEO to help you avoid and manage any emergent employee-related claims.

If you have been in business longer, you know that employee liability can harm your reputation. This is the reason most seasoned companies prefer to involve PEOs in the talent management process.

Professional Employer Organizations Enhance Control

Control is the most important function in the management process. However, most companies lack this critical grasp on the business’ functions. This is why most successful enterprises consider the input of a PEO.

PEOs can greatly enhance control and order in the HR processes and in most of your operational procedures. You are bound to experience notable levels of efficiency when you take the option of co-employment.

Allows You to Focus on Your Core Activities

You don’t have to be a human resource expert to start and run a business. Nonetheless, you need employees to help you achieve your vision. Even so, you no longer have to worry about balancing your core activities as a business and managing your employees.

Working closely with a PEO helps you focus on what you do best as the PEO concentrates on staffing and other critical functions.

Lower Costs

Most PEOs have multiple clients. This is advantageous for your business because you don’t have to incur the high cost of staffing and other related expenses.

Wages and salary costs are often the greatest expenses for most establishments. Conversely, with PEOs, these costs tend to be lower.

Less Paperwork

Now that you don’t have to stress about employee contracts, benefits, and registry, you can expect less paperwork. This means that you also don’t need to have a convoluted human resource system.  Such advantages make outsourcing to a PEO company an urgent need for most businesses.

Outsource Your Professional Employer Services Now

Most organizations struggle to remain afloat due to their failure to manage most of their core activities. Staffing, payroll management, and other non-employee functions can be overwhelming.  However, professional employer organizations exist to bridge this gap.

Have you been wondering how to keep up with all the business processes in your company? You can outsource a few of such processes to a PEO company.

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