Ground Level Deck Construction

A Step by Step Guide on How to Build a Ground Level Deck

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Did you know that in a survey that was done across 14 countries found that 90% of people spend close to 22 hours inside every single day? With so many people not even stepping foot outside to get a breath of fresh air, we took the time to share how you can create your own oasis to at least have somewhere to go while still being in the comfort of your own home. 

Keep reading to learn how to build a ground level deck and start spending more time outside instead of hiding inside all day. 

1. Dig Holes

First, you will have to dig holes to put your posts in. Use batter boards and string lines to lay out the location of the footings. Use a power auger or a posthole digger to dig six holes for your footings. 

Once you dig the holes put in concrete tubing forms inside the holes and level the footings.

2. Pour Concrete

Mix bags of ready-mix concrete in a wheelbarrow and pour cement into each of the footings. Once the cement is inside put post anchor bolts in the center of each footer before the cement hardens. Do not forget to leave enough of the bolt above the footing to connect to the anchor. 

Give the concrete enough time to cure before the next step.

3. Attach the Beams

Use deck boards as your framing beams and attach them within the post anchors with nails or screws. Make sure that you check that the beams are all aligned and square. If anything is out of alignment, take the time to adjust it to avoid future headaches. 

Keep this list of signs you need your deck repaired, handy for any emergencies. 

4. Joists and Brackets

On the end of each beam attached a rim joist with a drill and angle brackets for any extra support for the corner joints. Once all the joists and brackets are in place in the corners and inside align the edge of the first set of decking boards with the outside edge of the beam.

Install the decking boards perpendicular to each joint and put fasteners through each board into the center of each joint. You can opt to stagger the seams between adjacent rows of decking if you want a better appearance. 

Now You Know How to Build a Ground Level Deck

Now that you have the steps on how to build a ground level deck, you can get to work. Whether you want to call in the pros or tackle this DIY with your family, you can take advantage now that summer is here. Once your deck is ready, you can take the time to decorate it with some comfortable furniture and enjoy being out in mother nature more often. 

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