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5 Profitable Business Ideas for Photographers

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If you have the right eye, the interest, and the motivation, freelance photography is a profitable business. Everyone has a different story about how they started their photography business. Make it your fulltime job or a side hustle.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019 the average pay for freelance photographers was $36,280 per year.  

Read below for 5 profitable business ideas for photographers. 

1. Pets

Are you good with animals, have experience with different types of animals, and have a good eye?

Consider being a pet photographer. Pet photography is in high demand and you can easily make a living from this photography niche.

Pet photography is about setting the right scene, having a fast shutter speed, and having the right amount of light. You can shoot in your studio or outside in the sun. Animals aren’t the most cooperative subjects and you have to accomodating and flexible.

2. Weddings

People spend on average between $1,150 and $3,000 on wedding photographers to capture their special day. Clients are not only investing in your imagery but in you as a person.  

Start saving your money to buy the photography equipment you need. Gear isn’t the most important, but the right gear makes a difference and it’s not cheap. Don’t immediately go into debt by buying the best. 

Start looking at the portfolios of other wedding photographers for inspiration. Get in contact with a local wedding photographer and ask to shadow them at a wedding for free or a discounted rate. This is a great experience for a beginner and you can watch a professional at work and don’t’ forget to ask if the photos you took can be used for your own portfolio.

Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular at weddings and it’s a good way to grow your photo booth business  

3. Real Estate

Real estate agents aren’t photographers but it’s part of the business. Real estate needs beautiful photos to sell properties.  

Real estate photography is a great business but it also depends on the real estate market. If the market is booming, so is the freelance photography business. Create your portfolio by going out and shooting homes, property, and architecture for free. 

4. Children

This is one of the largest markets for photographers. Parents want memorable portraits of their kids as they grow up. 

Whether it’s a newborn shoot in a studio or outside shots of children running around, you need the equipment and the patience. Like animals, children won’t always listen and you need to be patient and flexible. 

5. Stock Images

Stock photography is supplying photographs, which are normally licensed, for a specific use.  

Businesses and freelancers need photos for their websites, brochures, or blog articles and are more than willing to pay for a stock photo. Take pictures of whatever you want and see which ones sell better on stock photography websites.

You don’t need much equipment to start and it can be done in your own home. 

What Are Your Business Ideas for Photographers?

Do you have your own photography business?

There are many more profitable business ideas for photographers with the right amount of drive and if you put in the work.

If you’re interested in learning more business tips, check out our blog. 

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