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10 Internet Tricks Every Web User Needs to Know

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The internet is a never-ending rabbit hole.

You could search the internet for a few weeks straight and still never read all the information that’s available to you. There are tons of funny videos, delicious recipes, and sites aimed at providing travel tips. Whatever you want to learn more about, it’s on the internet.

Despite there being so many things to do on the web, most of us know only the basic tips and tricks. We know how to use search engines and how to navigate basic webpages. What if there were more tips?

Well, there are! Below are 10 internet tricks to try out next time you’re surfing the web.

1. Check Out Cheap Flights

Believe it or not, airlines are keeping tabs on you. Every time you visit an airline’s site to check out tickets, they mark it down.

They’re extra sneaky because they may start rising ticket prices just because you’ve looked at them several times. It’s a slick game to play, but you can beat them.

Before looking at airline tickets, switch to incognito mode. This will allow you to slip under the radar when checking out tickets.

We shouldn’t be punished for natural curiosity! Some of us just want to look at tickets to places we’ll never physically visit. A mental trip to Greece sounds ideal right about now.

2. Search for Promo Codes

Online shopping is one of the best benefits of technology these days. You can get a new outfit without even leaving your home.

In addition to the beauty of online shopping, there are magical promo codes across the internet that help save you money. You just have to do a little research before each purchase.

As you’re about to purchase something, search the name of the company followed by the phrase “promo code”. They may not always work, but it never hurts to try.

You can even download the Honey Chrome extension. It automatically scans for promo codes before any purchase. Why not let an extension do the work for you?

3. Optimize Search Engine Results

Have you ever researched something like ‘pink heart shirt’ but gotten results for shirts that contain hearts but aren’t pink?

Try adding quotation marks around your search. Type in “pink heart shirt”. Your search engine will keep your search terms grouped together. This will bring you better results!

The quick addition of quotation marks is one of the best web tricks because you’ll spend less time sifting through search results.

4. Know Your Shortcuts

It’s best to work smarter not harder, right? Shortcuts allow you to do just that when surfing the web.

If you want to make the text bigger or smaller, hold down the CTRL button and click either the + or – key. This helps if you’re working on a shared computer because we all know our grandparents like to maximize the font as much as possible.

Do you need to do a rapid search? By selecting CTRL + L, you’ll automatically highlight the address bar. Once highlighting the bar, type in what you need to search and press Enter for a quick search.

Are you going over some reading files for class but need to find a specific phrase? Click CTRL + F and then search for the phrase you’re looking for. All results will be highlighted in the article.

5. Go Dark Mode

One of the best internet tricks to give your eyes a break is going into Google Chrome dark mode.

There are three ways to switch to dark mode in Chrome. They’re quick and easy!

What exactly are the benefits of a dark mode? The overall light is reduced, but it’s bright enough for easy reading. Since the screen is adjusting to the surrounding external light, your eyes won’t be strained as much.

A bright light in a dimmer room can cause more strain on our eyes than we know. The dark mode is especially useful for people who like to scroll on their phones or laptops in bed at night.

6. Learn for Free

We all know the internet provides an abundance of information. Between bouncing around tons of pages and constantly searching new phrases, it can be hard to gather cohesive information on a subject.

Add Coursera to your list of internet tricks. It’s a site that provides free courses on just about anything you want to learn about, including courses from top-notch institutions.

7. Don’t Lose Track of Tabs

We’ve all accidentally clicked out of a tab. It’s aggravating, and it can throw off our research flow.

If you need to recover a tab you accidentally closed, immediately click CTRL + Shift + T. This will pop back open the tab.

Breathe in relief, and continue scrolling!

8. Save a Video

Did you find a video that goes along perfectly with your class presentation? Save it now before you forget to!

Type in ‘conv’ before ‘YouTube’ in your search bar. You’ll find a page that allows you to convert and save videos.

Make sure to always give the creator credit when using videos in presentations for class.

9. Go for a Spin

Type out ‘do a barrel roll’ into your Google search bar. Press enter and go for a spin.

Is it one of the more useful ways to use the internet? No.

Is it fun? Yes.

10. Find Scholarly Articles

By searching in the Google Scholar search engine, you’ll discover thousands of scientific journal articles you can reference in research.

Many professors require the reading of peer-reviewed articles, and Google Scholar is the best way to find them.

Hack the Web With the Above Internet Tricks

As time goes on, people will discover more internet tricks to make your online experience more efficient or more fun. Try the above tips now to see what you’ve been missing out on.

There are tricks to help you locate information quicker on the internet, and some tricks are for pure entertainment. No matter what, always be safe on the internet because there’s also plenty of information you don’t want to find.

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