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6 Common Self-Storage Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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There are right and wrongs ways to store your possessions.

Statistics show that vacancy rates for self-storage have remained steady. As the amount of storage units has increased over the years, the demand for space has matched. No matter what you need to store, storage units are a smart option.

You’ll need to know what not to do when searching for the right self-storage unit for your belongings. If you’re interested in storing correctly, keep reading. Here are six common self-storage mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Wrong Size of Units

When you choose a unit, you’ll need to consider how much space your belongings will require. Storage spaces come in different sizes to accommodate a variety of belongings. It’s no surprise that the more you have, the more room you’ll need.

You can avoid selecting the wrong unit with proper planning, packing, and unloading.

2. Skipping Security

Thieves can break into cheap storage units without getting caught. There are storage units that have extra security to avoid this common issue. Cameras, gates, and enhanced locks are some popular security features.

You can thwart thieves by choosing a storage space that has updated security features.

3. Unloading Improperly

Packing a storage unit is similar to playing Tetris. You’ll need to consider how to fit your belongings, avoid damage, and prevent other issues. If you don’t plan properly, you risk ruining your belongings.

You can start by labeling your fragile items to avoid storing heavy objects on them.

4. No Protection

The bottom floor will get wet from time to time, even in the best storage units. When there’s a bad storm, your belongings could grow mold. Without a waterproof mat or pallets to stack your items off the floor, you’re increasing your risk.

You can avoid this issue by investing in items that store your belongings off the ground and cover them from dust.

5. No Insurance for Self-Storage Mistakes

Self-storage will tend to offer insurance plans to cover damages. The protection ranges from flooding to theft. You’ll be left to cover all the costs out of your pocket without coverage.

You can speak with the company to discover the best insurance for storage options for your area and budget.

6. Storing Incorrect Items

Not everything you own can go into storage. Some items are more likely to grow mold, rot, break, become infested, or other complications. The more you incorrectly store, the more issues you’re going to face.

Prevent this problem by not storing food, living creatures, plants, or hazardous materials. You can speak with the self storage company to find out more.

Store Smarter

This guide will prevent issues from popping up. You can use what you read today to avoid these common self-storage mistakes. Now that you know what not to do, you’ll be able to store smarter.

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