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5 Small Business/Corporate Office Design Ideas (Employees Will Love These)

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With roughly 42% of Americans working from home and another portion not working at all, it might seem counter-intuitive to invest in your office. After all, what’s the point of making your workspace shine if nobody is going to enjoy it?

Call us optimists but we think America will get back to working in social spaces and when that time comes, it’s going to be a battle for some sectors to excite team members to get back into the office. Armed with these excellent corporate office design ideas though, you may find that you’re able to inspire more people to eagerly return to work.

Keep reading to consume what we’re seeing many large and small businesses implement into their office spaces to heighten employee engagement, productivity, and, happiness!

1. Open up Your Floor Plan

Gone are the days of people wanting to be sectioned off into rooms and cubes. Today, people’s hearts when it comes to modern office design ideas lie largely with open floor plans.

Open spaces invite movement, collaboration, and reduce the anxiety that comes with feeling trapped at work.

Executing an open plan could require conversations with your building manager as walls may need to come down in order to deliver. We think those conversations and subsequent investments are worth pursuing given how much open floor plans work to modernize places of business.

2. Create Quiet Spaces

With open floor plans come increased noise from neighboring teams. That’s a good thing in some cases as being able to overhear other people can lead to impromptu collaboration.

Admittedly though, excess noise can be distracting.

To give your employees the best of both worlds, have a designated “quiet space”  that people can scuttle off to get work done in silence or conduct phone calls that require reduced background noise.

These quiet spaces can be separate rooms or soundproof booths team members reserve.

3. Add Some Green

One of the easiest corporate office design ideas you can implement into your space today is adding plants to your workplace. Plants not only look great but will oxygenate your office which can lead to increased energy and feelings of well-being in your teammates.

Before you add your favorite plants to your supplies for the office list, be sure you’re aware of any plant allergies team members may have so you don’t create health issues for them.

4. Bring the Outside In

We can’t overstate the importance of windows when crafting a welcoming office. By having large windows that reveal the outside world, employees will feel less trapped at work and more like they’re working in a leisurely, homey setting.

Again, the addition of large windows will warrant a conversation with your building manager.

5. Lean on Lighting

If you can’t expand your building’s window offering, at least invest in plenty of simulated natural lighting. Natural sunlight temperatures usually hover around 5500K. Several bulbs are sold that are meant to emulate that temperature exactly.

Corporate Office Design Ideas Can Save Your Return to Office Plan

Many companies have return to office plans in the works they’re eager to roll out in order to get business back to a sense of normalcy. Our suggestion is that you incorporate these corporate office design ideas into your large or small business to make your team’s eventual homecoming less of a drag and more exciting!

Should you find yourself in need of additional tips, we welcome you to explore more of our business/lifestyle guidance on our blog.

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