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What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About the Manufacturing vs. Production Process

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As an entrepreneur, you’ve likely got something you want to sell.

Whether it’s a physical product or a specialized service, you need to know the best route to getting it out there and in front of customers.

So you may already have a concept you wish to launch, but how do you take it to the next stage?

This is where we’ll look at the various differences in manufacturing and production, and help you decide which course is right for you.


What is Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is the method of taking a raw material, such as iron or wood and processing it into a physical product to be sold. Much of this process involves the use of manpower and tools which go through a series of many steps.

A simple example of product design and manufacturing for a wooden spoon might go something like this. You take a look at the design blueprint and gather some wood. Then using various tools, you carve that wood into a spoon, sand it smooth, and varnish it into a finished product to sell.

Of course, on an industrial scale, you would incorporate more manpower, larger machines, and automation to speed things up to meet larger quotas and timescales.


What is Production?

While production is still a process of creating something, it doesn’t have to be a material object. It’s all about taking various input resources and converting them into the desired output, or finished product.

So an example of this with a non-tangible product might be a lecturer teaching course materials, or a doctor giving medical advice.

The end goal of production is to fulfill a particular need with a product or service. While it can be quite like manufacturing, it’s not only about making a tangible product.


Differences Between Manufacturing and Production

By now you can see the subtle differences between production and manufacturing. Manufacture is the process of creating tangible products. Production is creating both tangible and intangible products for consumption.

Production can incorporate manufacturing, but it also entails a broader strategy to deliver its output. This might include financial aspects or how the product is marketed and delivered.

Manufacturing is simply the process of making the physical product out of raw materials.

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Deciding Between Manufacturing and Production

So now that you understand the difference between manufacturing and production, you should be a little clearer on how to create your own product or service.

If your product is a non-tangible service, you need to plan a strategy of how you’re going to take your knowledge, skills, and experience, and deliver a product that your customers are after.

If you’ve got an idea or design for a product you want to get made, you’ll next need to find someone to make it to bring the concept to life and put it in the hands of your customers.

While the differences between the two processes are small, having a clear idea of your approach can be vital to the success of your business. Be sure to choose wisely…


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