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3 Signs Your Office is Getting Too Small (And Why You Should Consider a Shipping Container Office)

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Business is booming! Your office space, however, is not.

It’s getting too cramped and small. You’re not sure how to expand it in its current space since it seems on the edge of bursting with everything and everyone inside it.

Maybe you’re not sure how to expand your office. Your situation might not be that dire yet, but early planning is better. Here are four signs your office is getting small and how to fix it with a container office.

1. Clutter Galore and No Storage Space

Your office has less or even no storage space anymore. Not only that, but clutter is building up in your and your employees’ workspace.

A little clutter is normal. However, too much clutter will unravel your office’s organization. Not being able to find important documents when you need them will delay your work.

If it’s also hard to find office supplies to use when you need them, maybe using a storage container office to help you stay organized. Say good-bye to full storage closets and messy spaces in your office by adding a container office to help you out.

2. More Distractions and Less Positivity

If you or your staff members are more distracted, you might be working too close together. Staying on task is difficult if people are working on top of each other.

Of course, with the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, you cannot work closer than six feet apart. Even before the pandemic, office spaces were shrinking, down from 176 feet in 2012 to around 150 feet in 2017 for total office space. There’s not enough room there for every employee to do their most efficient work.

When positivity levels are down among you and your staffers, you know you need to change up the workspace a bit to make everyone more comfortable. A little more privacy can help increase motivation too.

Using a container office will help you expand your workplace and create more space to honor social distancing guidelines.

3. More Employees Working Now

Compared to when you first started, you now have more employees on payroll than you did before. That’s a great accomplishment that shows how well your business is doing, but it doesn’t do any favors for using the same workspace.

Things feel more cramped than they used to. You can’t seem to bring on more employees without making space for them. That’s how you know you need to expand your office space by keeping your small office space.

It sounds contradictory, but consider other office options like a shipping container office.

Tips for a Container Office

A container office or two will help expand your workspace without forcing you to spend too much money on a brand-new office space.

A container office can hold more of your files and office supplies so you aren’t tripping through a full closet looking for what you need. It also allows for easier social distancing between employees.

Make sure you spruce up the container office to make it just as good of a workplace as the original space too!

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