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3 DIY Small Business Security Must Haves

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If you’re a small business owner, you should understand the importance of security. From securing sensitive data stored online to protecting physical assets, safety measures matter for your bottom line.

Read on for the three most essential aspects of small business security.

1. Cybersecurity

Securing your business’s data is one of the most important ways you can keep your business safe. With more and more transactions occurring online, cyber thieves are constantly on the hunt for the most vulnerable systems to crack into.

According to recent numbers, cyberattacks cost American businesses an average of $200,000, and more than 40% of those attacks are aimed at small businesses.

An estimated half of all small businesses suffered a cybersecurity breach within the past year. Most small businesses are not equipped to deal with even the most rudimentary cyberattacks.

Small business cybersecurity should be first on your list. But what are some simple things you can do?

First, secure your networks with firewalls and limit network access selectively. Use strong passwords and change them out regularly.

Most cyberattacks originate in e-mail inboxes, so educate your employees on safe practices when it comes to recognizing spam and possible fishing attacks. 

Back up all of your files all of the time, and train your employees to do the same. Create a disaster recovery plan in the event of a blackout or network collapse.

After the above DIY security measures, consider hiring a firm to run a security assessment on your business. Don’t wait for a phishing scam to corrupt your entire network. Prepare now!

2. Property and Asset Security

Securing your physical assets is just as important. Limit access to areas where you keep valuable equipment, inventory, and money. You can easily accomplish this by having a key distribution system for sensitive areas.

You can also limit access via passcode-protected doors or entrances that require magnetized keycards. No fancy face recognition technology is needed!

A small business security system might require heavy-duty doors for some areas. Security may also mean door chimes to monitor who is entering and exiting at any given time. For the highest quality door chimes for your business, see here.

Securing access protects not only your assets but also the safety of your employees. 

3. Surveillance

A small business security camera system is another critical piece of your overall protection.  Having an overarching third-eye keeping tabs at all times can help you catch thieves. Often, the mere presence of a camera can serve as a deterrent.

Many security systems come complete with cameras, alarms, and even cybersecurity. Some of the most popular small business security systems include:

  • Stanley Security
  • SimpliSafe
  • ADT
  • Protection 1
  • SHIELD Security

Many of these companies have home security options that can apply to businesses. Plus, you can often build up a system from only the services you need, saving you money in the end.

Take Small Business Security Seriously

Don’t wait until it’s too late to start taking small business security seriously. Start securing your livelihood today!

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