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How to Pack for Moving House

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As exciting as moving into a new home is, it can also be hugely stressful.

From uprooting your life, leaving behind neighbors, and going through the physical exertion of a move – moving really can turn into a nightmare. What is at the top of the list of most people’s worries? How to pack for moving house.

If you are planning on moving into a new house, and are panicking, then relax! With some planning and preparation, moving house can be a breeze. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Pack for Moving House?

First, you need to make a moving house checklist. This will help you figure out the cost of moving house, and all of those details you need for a smooth transition.

Ask yourself: when do you need to start? And, where do you start?

Understanding your timeline is crucial to have an easy moving process:

Get Started Early

The earlier you can start packing, the better.

When you have your moving date, anticipate items that you won’t be needing before you move:

  • Items that are out of season 
  • Fancy items such as best china or formal wear
  • Items from the basement or attic 
  • Guest rooms
  • Important documents and photos
  • Bulky home decor items

Once you have your list, you might even be able to get started weeks in advance. Goodbye panic packing!

Be Ruthless

You might not want to hear this one, but sometimes you need to be ruthless.

It can get really easy to get lost down memory lane, especially when you uncover old love letters, Christmas cards, and art projects. But reminiscing takes up time and valuable packing space. 

If you don’t need it, and if you forgot about it, then do you need to pack it? Look around before the move, and make a keep, donate, or trash area.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead properly can be a real lifesaver when it comes to the big move. Think ahead to any issues or obstacles and turn them into a list. Then add to your list everything that needs doing before the move, so you can plan it all out in advance.

Consider things like time off of work and making sure you have enough vacation days to accommodate. 

Some other situations to consider:

  • Deep cleaning the new house
  • Childcare 
  • Making sure your pets are looked after
  • Canceling bills in your current house
  • Updating your address
  • Arranging utilities in your new house

Make sure these eventualities are on your plan ahead list.

Hire a House Moving Service

Yes, you can take on the move all by yourself. But think of how much easier, and less stressful it could be to hire a service to help you. 

Moving service companies know how to pack for moving house, and can help reduce stress and anxiety. The right service can take the pressure off by doing most of the hard work for you. This can include providing packing material and storage facilities.

You can find out more about what moving services you have local to you by doing a simple Google search. 

Take the Stress of Moving Out of the Picture

Don’t let the stress and strain of moving into a new house take away from the excitement and joy. 

Now you know how to pack for moving house, you can take it all in your stride, and enjoy your new home.

To find out even more handy tips and tricks for planning a successful move, check out our other useful articles on the blog today!

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