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Turning Your Business’s New Product from Idea to Reality

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Do you have a brilliant idea for a product but don’t know where to start?

Whether you’re a new inventor hoping for your big breakthrough or you want to launch a new business, taking a product from idea to market can seem daunting.

Luckily, with a few tips and some dedication and hard work, you can turn your vision into a real product in no time.

Read on to discover 5 essential steps to take when turning an idea into a new product ready to hit the market.

1. Gather Early Feedback

Early feedback for your new business product is crucial for your next step. Getting an objective opinion from family, friends, mentors, and industry experts will help you improve it even further.

Make sure to sign an NDA with anyone you plan to discuss your idea with, even if it’s your closest circle. Then, gather all the feedback in one place and analyze it before moving on.

2. Analyze Your Competition

Before taking a prototype to product, research your direct competitors. What is their bestselling product? What problems is it solving? How can you make your product better?

These questions will help you make a product that’ll stand out from your competitors. You can also add an extra feature to the product to make it more attractive to consumers.

3. Define the Product’s Purpose

Before you take a new prototype to production, make sure you’ve defined your product’s purpose. Is there a market demand? Will people want this product? 

And most importantly, why would customers choose your product over other similar products on the market? 

4. Turn the Concept Into a 3D CAD Model

Once your idea is complete, it’s time to turn it into a 3D CAD model so you can get an idea of how the product would look like. This way, you can see the product from all sides, make some changes if needed, and send the file to your prototype manufacturers.

5. Make a Product Prototype

Once you have a 3D CAD model of your product idea, it’s time to make your first product prototype. This is an important step as many ideas look good on paper, but once the product is mass-produced, there are a lot of mistakes.

Companies like Hidaka USA, Inc. will make sure your idea and 3D model look exactly the same as the product prototype. Once you’re ready for mass production, take a look at Hidaka’s capabilities so you know what the production process will look like from start to finish.

These Steps Will Help You Get From Idea To Brand New Product in No Time

If you’re a new inventor developing your first-ever patent, you’ll learn that launching a new product into the world is a challenging, but rewarding experience.

There are a lot of moving parts and details, so use these tips to help you turn your idea into a real, tangible product customers will love.

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