DIY Apartment Projects

3 Easy and Stylish DIY Apartment Projects

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There are almost 22 million apartment units scattered throughout the country at this time. And if you asked those living in them if they could change one thing about them, a large percentage of them would probably say, “I wish my apartment was bigger.”

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to add square footage to the average apartment. But there are some great DIY apartment projects that you can do to make your small space feel a lot larger than it actually is.

Would you like to take on some easy DIY apartment projects to improve the look and feel of your apartment space? We’ve got three great DIY apartment ideas for you that will make a big difference. Take a look at them below.

1. Stick Shelves Into At Least a Few Corners

Are most of the corners in your apartment empty at the moment? If they are, you’re missing a golden opportunity to take full advantage of them.

You can do this by sticking shelves into these corners. These shelves can then be used to house books, photographs, and even plants. You’ll be able to capitalize on some spaces that you aren’t using now with this apartment DIY idea.

2. Turn a Small Wall Into Your Own Personal Command Center

Do you have a small, narrow wall somewhere in your apartment that you don’t know how to use? You might want to turn it into your own personal command center complete with everything from a calendar to a chalkboard that you can use to keep your life in order.

This is a great way to utilize a space that might get ignored otherwise. It’s also one of the DIY apartment projects that will have a huge impact on your day-to-day life.

3. Strategically Place Decorative Mirrors Throughout Your Apartment

At some point in the near future, you’ll hopefully be able to shop around for houses on to find something bigger than the apartment that you’re living in now. But for the time being, how about just giving yourself the impression that your apartment is larger and more luxurious than it is?

You can accomplish this goal by putting together your own decorative mirrors and strategically placing them on walls throughout your apartment space. It’ll make it appear larger in no time at all.

These Are Just a Few of the DIY Apartment Projects You Can Take On

The apartment that you live in might not be perfect. But you can make the most of every square inch of it by putting some of the DIY apartment projects that we’ve talked about here to good use.

You can also add other DIY apartment decor touches to it to make it unique to you. You’ll enjoy living in your apartment so much more once you’ve had a chance to put your stamp on it.

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