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Nomadic Nine-to-Five: The Undeniable Perks of Co-Working Spaces

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Escaping from the rat race of formal employment is one of the best aspects of starting your own venture. No more commutes during the rush hours, tedious monthly reports ordered from your boss, or projects that land on your desk, just as you were about to leave for the day.

Working from home is anybody’s dream come true. But, it packs its own set of constraints. Do you have the discipline to strictly follow a daily routine? Can you thrive with little to no supervision?

If the answer to these questions is no, then co-working spaces may be the answer to your productivity problems. To that end, we’ve listed a few benefits of co-working spaces. Read on!

1. Provides Structure

Working from home comes with lots of distractions. It can be an uphill task to maintain productivity while being close to your pets, bed, and TV. Therefore, as one of the coworking benefits, you get to separate work from home, hence providing structure in your life.

2. Co-Working Spaces Increase Effectiveness

Studies reveal that the number of people in co-working spaces in the U.S is 4043, with that number expected to rise. This is most likely because an office ambiance creates a certain mindset that stems from interactions with fellow co-workers.

This boosts individual productivity since everyone puts their nose to the grindstone. It is this buzz that drives you to stay focused on your work and meet your objectives.

3. Avoids Isolation

More often than not, entrepreneurs tend to live solitary lives due to isolation. This can have adverse repercussions on their sanity.

A co-working space blankets you with like-minded individuals who are also self-sufficient. Not only does this leave you feeling upbeat but it also improves your social skills which are an important aspect of personal development.

4. Opportunities for Networking

Working from home creates barriers between you and other workers that you could otherwise potentially benefit from. Coworking sites like the Hoxton Mix not only give you an impressive business address but also allow you to interact with different people who possess a vast assortment of skills that could prove to be beneficial in the long-run.

It allows for productive brainstorming sessions. Look for co-working spaces that align with your type of work to make this more beneficial.

5. Unmatched Flexibility

If you’re considering getting office space, you’ll quickly learn some of the overheads that come with it. Are you prepared to sign fixed-term leases? What about the installation of infrastructure? Don’t forget about electricity bills.

A coworking space benefits you by absorbing all that. You rent the space for much a cheaper cost and with more flexible terms.

The Bottom Line

Co-working spaces provide a great solution with a positive impact on the labor market. For many nomads, the perks of co-working are life-saving as they increase productivity and provide opportunities to meet and interact with new people.

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