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Learn the Secret to Keeping Kid’s Fashion Looking Great

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Between your child’s rapid growth and their sometimes messy crafting projects and rough-and-tumble playtime, keeping your kid’s fashion looking high quality and trendy can be tough.

And if you’re buying high-end fashion items for your kids, you definitely want to keep those clothes looking good for as long as possible. You don’t want to constantly have to buy new items.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of tips to help you keep your kid’s fashion looking great long term.

Wash In Cold and Line Dry

While washing the clothes in cold water and opting to line dry them afterward might take longer, it will help the lifetime of the clothes.

When you wash clothes in warm or hot water and then dry in a hot dryer, the heat can actually damage the material. This causes them to wear out quicker, to lose their color, and sometimes will cause them to shrink.

Using cold water and the air to dry will make the clothes look better for longer.

Give the Clothes a Break

Some pieces will be your kid’s favorite, and they’ll probably beg to wear it every day. Whether it is a Young Versace piece from Nickis or a pair of their favorite, fashionable shoes, it is tempting to give in and let them wear it constantly, especially if it looks trendy and fashionable.

However, rotating different clothes and outfits for your child can help keep the clothes looking great for a longer period of time. Wearing the same item every day will wear it out, meaning its lifetime will be cut short.

Proper Storage

Not everything can, or should, be folded and put into a dresser. Certain items, like blazers, dresses, and trousers should be hung up. To keep them from being touched by likely dirty youngster hands, you can put the best pieces in a canvas bag.

Be sure to fold, not hang, sweaters and sweatshirts: hanging those items can cause them to stretch and become deformed.

Room to Grow

Kids are constantly growing: keep that in mind when buying kid’s fashion items.

You can buy pants that have adjustable waistlines so the pants can grow in size as your child does.

For special occasion clothing items like dresses, blazers, suits, and trousers, you can get them a tad bit too big initially. This way your child will be able to wear it on multiple occasions, even if they’ve grown since the first wear.

Keeping Kid’s Fashion Looking Great Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

You child’s style can be a reflection of yourself; be sure to keep that in mind as you buy and care for their clothes. Between washing, storage, and usage, the main takeaway here is that taking great care of the clothes will make them look better for longer.

You can’t help the fact that kids will grow out of their clothes. But you can make sure that while they do fit that they look the best they can.

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