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Small Space Living Hacks to Save Your Sanity

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Small space living can be both popular and necessary. While the “tiny house” craze isn’t for everyone, there are still many who live in other small spaces.

Students and young professionals seek studio or one-bedroom apartments. Families also nestle into small homes and apartments to keep expenses down.

Small homes are practical. They can also be cozy if you organize them correctly. Fitting everything into your small space isn’t easy, but you can do it with style.

The strongest recommendation for any small space is to maximize your storage capacity. You can build a bookshelf in any unused corner of a home.

These design tips are ways to make your space appear larger than it is.

Behind-the-Door Storage

Hanging a rack behind your bathroom door is a practical way to increase storage space at little cost. You can place one behind your bathroom door and store toiletries. Or, add one or two towel racks to the door for towels.

This also applies to bedroom and closet doors. Store anything there from shoes to jewelry. Don’t stop there. Hang small racks behind kitchen cabinet doors for increased pantry and cleaning products storage as well.

Pull-out Storage

You can use tight spaces for storage. Thin, rolling shelves are available that fit between your washer and dryer, for example (or between your stackable washer dryer combo and the wall). They can also tuck into your closets, pantry, and bathroom to maximize your space. Pull them out when you need something, roll them right back in to hide away.

Use Space Under the Stairs

If your home has a stairway, you have storage space you are probably not using. The extra space under stairs is perfect for creating a reading nook. Smaller areas can hold decorative shelves. Some may also choose to close the area in for a more discreet mini-closet.

Floor-to-Ceiling Bookshelves

Bookshelves that go to the ceiling serve two purposes. They offer additional storage of course. Shelving to the ceiling also draws the eyes upward. This makes a room seem larger than it is.

Mirrors to Create Visual Space

Add a mirror to create the effect of extra space. Position the mirror so that reflects a window. One result will be more natural light in the room. Another will be the feeling of more space.

Finally, mirrors add a touch of elegance to the room. If you like the shabby-chic look, you can find a used mirror for a decent price at thrift shops.

Choose the Correct Window Treatment

Most people think of curtains or shades for windows. There are other options that will complement the decor but also enhance small space living. If curtains seem to add confusion to your space, remove them. If you don’t need window treatments for privacy, try going without them.

If a bare window doesn’t sit well, try a simple shade. Another option is shutters. Companies like S:CRAFT offer shutters and blinds that can give you the privacy you need while maximizing your small space.

Here’s to Small Space Living

Whether you enjoy DIY projects or stick with ready-made shelving and other products, there are many, many hacks out there to decorate and organize your small living space. This article presented just a few.

Check out our blog more DIY project ideas for your home.

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