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Build Your Business: Why You Should Be Blogging on Shopify

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There are over 820,000 merchants on Shopify so there has to be something to it since they’re staying — right? You may be worried that blogging on Shopify isn’t going to pay off in the long-term but when you understand Shopify blogs and their benefits, you might change your tune.

We’re going to give you more information on Shopify blogging so you can experience the full benefits of being a Shopify merchant.

The 411 on Blogging on Shopify

Whether you’re working with a Shopify marketing partner or trying to go it alone, you need to understand how the Shopify blog feature can help you. The following information will give you a basic understanding so you can get going.

Create Awareness

When you blog on the Shopify platform and create sharable content, you increase your ability to create awareness. Imagine a share from a big influencer or a blog post going viral. Most product pages aren’t going to go viral but an amazing blog post has a good shot.

Levels Up Your SEO Game

When you optimize each blog post with relevant keywords, you will increase your SEO game so more people will be able to find you. When you can help people find you through SEO, you won’t have to spend as much money on advertising — or why not do both and really get the word out?

Build Brand Authority

A product page offers the product but it doesn’t do much for people’s trust. When you blog, you build your brand’s authority so people are more likely to trust your store and spend their money with you. A regular blog that speaks directly to your target audience is a good strategy to build brand authority and make people more comfortable when it comes time to pull out their credit cards.

Inexpensive Way to Increase Profits

Blogging doesn’t take a lot of extra money. You can either write the blog yourself which costs your own time or you can hire someone to write the blog for you. Figure out which one costs you the least money or which one is going to bring the least stress. Once you have the blog post created, it is on your site forever so it can continue to work for your Shopify store years into the future.

You might want to update your blog post in the future to include any updates that you do or refresh it so you can share it as new information.

Learn More Business Tips & Beyond

Now you know more about blogging on Shopify. I’m sure you can see the benefits and maybe now you think it’s something that is worth your time. Why stop learning there?

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