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10 Christmas Display Ideas to Boost Your Small Business

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83% of consumers do at least some of their shopping at small, independently owned shops and restaurants.

If you are a local business owner, you may have your work cut out for you.

Holiday lights and displays are a great way to attract consumers to your business, boost morale, and rally employees and customers.

What Christmas display is the best fit for your brand and budget? Let’s take a look at some ideas. 

1. Choose a Theme

You will want to consider your brand, including its packaging and target audience, when choosing a theme for your Christmas displays.

If you sell antiques, for example, a rustic, branch-framed vibe might be right for your holiday decor. If your store supplies kitchen gadgets, you may want something more modern and cuisine-infused.

Some business owners choose tried-and-true holiday themes such as snowflakes and snowmen, sparkly lights, or Santa and his elves as their scheme. Come up with your own unique spin on your decorations to delight customers. For example, your snowmen might be dressed in top hats and tails, or your elves might each be drinking from one of your mugs.

Your color scheme should highlight the mood and enhance your brand. White-and-gold garland, for example, could add class and sparkle to a traditional display. Green and blue might be great additions if you are focusing on bringing bits of nature into your business.

2. Bring In Some Lights

A holiday light display can show off your store’s unique personality. You can get creative by adding props, lanterns, and greenery.

Consider using lights to highlight a snowy ski slope display, a cozy living room design, or a tiny meadow with animals. You can use inexpensive, crafty items like cotton, marshmallows, and cardboard to design your landscapes. Lights will add warmth and excitement to your creations.

Outdoors, consider drawing prospective customers’ attention to your place of business with shining stars and holiday greetings on your front door. Holiday projectors and spotlights will immediately attract eager eyes. You can add a pair of Christmas trees or tall nutcrackers to welcome guests at the door.

A professional commercial Christmas light installation can bring in colors that make your business stand out. Some will also supply the wreaths, garland, and Christmas trees that will make your holiday display professional.

3. Three-Dimensional Window Display

Window displays are a great way to showcase merchandise, including books, toys, and jewelry. Use cardboard cut-outs, lights, and greenery for an affordable, eye-catching display.

Frame your windows in lights, greenery, or beading to draw customers’ attention. Consider using cotton batting for snow or making your own snowflakes. You may even want to add an LED Santa or snowman.

4. Foodie Stack

If your business is a restaurant, diner, or bakery,  consider making a “food tree” out of stacked mugs and saucers. You can also display food and drinks on galvanized trays garnished with pine cones or candy canes.

5. Fireplace

Many places of business do not have a real fireplace because of fire regulations.

You can, however, design a faux fireplace out of cardboard or Styrofoam and cover it with stick-on wood tiles. You can create cardboard “flames” below, or make them out of tissue paper with tealights behind them. Presents in front of the fireplace may be decorated boxes, or they could display gift bags from your shop.

6. Red Ladder

For a great holiday shelf to show off your wares, spray-paint a ladder red and use shelves painted red as “rungs” between it. 

The shelves can be covered with acrylic or cotton snow. Sprinkle snow globes or lighthouses between merchandise to add light and holiday cheer to your display. 

Ladders for Christmas displays can also be created out of wood crates or stacked tables.

7.  Fun With Mannequins

Put your mannequins in a holiday mood by putting tree skirts on them. You can also add greenery, lights, and ornaments. 

Sweater “trees” are popular during the season with clothing retailers. A tree-shaped piece of cardboard gets covered in a festive sweater that is pinned onto it.

8. Old-Fashioned Suitcase

A vintage suitcase is also a great way to bring holiday cheer into your business. It can get spray-painted in gold, silver, red, or green.

Suitcases work well in stationary or gift stores. Consider filling yours with ornaments, jewelry, or stationary.

9. Get Rustic

Rustic displays work well if your store is country-themed. Consider bringing in birch branches and silver-painted baskets for a twinkly winter wonderland. Baskets can display your merchandise.

Country-scapes also look great with hand-cut snowflakes and cotton snow. Add your own touches such as spray-painted crates or burlap straps.

10. Wreath Chandeliers

Wreaths look great when they are displayed on the ceilings with merchandise attached to them using ribbon or string. You may want to consider displaying mugs, ornaments, or jewelry this way.

It is obviously important that string be strong enough to hold your merchandise firmly in place. You will also want to be certain that the chandelier does not hang too low. Customers should feel comfortable moving around your store without fear of getting hit in the face with an ornament.

A Great Christmas Display

The right Christmas display for your business will add warmth, cheer, and personality. Lights, window displays, and ladders are a great way to showcase merchandise and get folks in the holiday spirit. It is also a great way to attract new customers to your business.

For more great do-it-yourself ideas, read our blog today!

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