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What Is Colocation? 3 Major Benefits for Small Businesses

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Is your business getting ready to add new servers to your office? Before you do, you may want to look into colocation.

Even with the rise of the cloud, colocation services are rising in popularity. It’s expected to reach a market size of $90 billion by the year 2024.

The question is, what is colocation, and how can it help your business? You’ll find the answer to those questions in this post. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Colocation?

You only have a limited amount of office space. The more computer hardware you add, the less space you have for your staff.

To top that off, you need to have the right cooling in place for the room you want to store your servers in. That can increase your electricity bill.

This is why colocation trends are showing an increasing market size.

A colocation facility solves this problem by providing space to store your server in a data center. You take advantage of their computer network to bring your server online.

Benefits of Colocation

Saving space and power aren’t the only reason to go with a colocation facility. Below are three ways that using colocation makes business sense.

1. Get Compliant

Data security is a big deal with business today. There have been a lot of data leaks over the past few years, and that is causing consumers to worry. Governments have taken notice and are passing more strict data privacy laws.

But it can get expensive if you want to get your office compliant. By using colocation, you can put your server in a compliant location and not worry about it.

2. Reduced Downtime

It would be great if you could predict when you had power or internet outages at the office. Unfortunately, things don’t always go that way. If you can’t afford to put backup systems in place, you’ll be out of luck if something goes wrong.

A colocation facility can handle issues like these. You won’t need to worry about outages because their facilities have redundant systems that will pick up the slack when problems like this come up.

3. Expert Support

Your IT department is good. But they may not be experts at running servers effectively.

If you want to bring in a server expert to run things, then you’re going to pay good money for it. Why go through the extra effort when you could outsource your server management?

A colocation facility has the best and the brightest of the industry. You can count on them to know how to manage your server and keep it running efficiently. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure you pay them.

Try a Colocation Service Today

You should now know enough to answer the question, “what is colocation, and how can it help?” It’s hard enough to run your IT infrastructure as it is. Use a colocation service to host your servers and simplify the IT in your office.

Do you want to learn more about tech that you can use for your business? Head back to our blog to learn more.

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