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What Is a Modular House?

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If you’re looking for an affordable way to build your next home, modular is a fantastic option.

A modular house is a faster way to get a custom home, and it’s becoming a popular option for many homebuyers.

If you’re considering this style home for your next abode, read on to learn more about what a modular house is and what sets it apart from other types of homes.

Modular vs. Manufactured

There is a great debate over the differences between modular and manufactured homes. Modular and manufactured homes are built in a factory environment. This means they’re not exposed to the elements like rain or snow.

Aside from the fact that each style home is made indoors, modular and manufactured homes are both transported to the location of the buyer’s address. In most cases, a manufactured home arrives on a trailer, while a modular home is “installed” using a crane.

The biggest difference between these two types of homes is the codes under which they’re built. A manufactured home is built under HUD regulations and is a nationwide rule regardless of location.

Modular homes are built under local, federal, and state building codes. This means that modular houses are typically built using better materials and under more stringent rules. They’re also built dependent on where you live, which means some areas of the country may use different building materials than others.

When a modular home arrives at its new location, it’s added on top of a permanent foundation. The modular home cannot move once it is installed. They’re also considered the same thing as a traditional “stick-built” home.

Manufactured homes sit on a frame with wheels attached to the bottom. This is where the concept of a “mobile home” comes into play. A typical manufactured home sits on a foundation, but you can also tow or move them if necessary.

Customization Options

Similar to a traditional custom home, you can modify a modular house to almost any floor plan. Model homes are available where you can discuss expanding certain rooms or making layout changes.

The ability to customize a modular home easily makes them a popular choice for many buyers. Flooring materials, countertops, and cabinet colors are just some examples of ways you can customize a modular home.

Since these homes are built in a factory, they’re very easy to customize. Once you’ve come up with a floorplan and design, the plans are given to the factory where they will carry out your custom plan.

A new revolution in modular houses includes systems-built homes.

Whether you want to make the living room larger or add ceiling fans in certain rooms, it’s easy to make a modular house the way you want it. Since everything comes straight from the factory, your choices are already available and all you need to do is tell the manufacturer.

Modular House Advantages

There are several advantages and benefits to owning a modular house. First, the cost to build one is significantly less than a traditional stick-built home.

In addition to their lower cost, modular homes are also more eco-friendly. Everything is built exactly to specification, so there’s a lot less waste of materials.

Modern modular homes come well-equipped with high-quality insulation, windows, and energy-efficient lighting and appliances. This makes these homes extremely energy efficient, saving you even more money.

Another advantage of owning a modular house is that it appraises exactly the same as other stick-built homes in the neighborhood. That means you’ll get a great return on your investment and your home won’t depreciate in value.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of buying a modular house is the speed at which it’s built. It takes significantly less time to construct a modular home from start to finish than it does for a site-built home.

Since modular homes are built by the same company, you won’t need to worry about dealing with a myriad of subcontractors. Everything happens all in one place and by employees of a singular company.

Financing Tips

If you’re considering a modular house, remember that they’re financed the same as a traditional home. You may need to purchase land in advance so you have somewhere to place the home once it’s finished.

If the property doesn’t have utilities, you will also need to pay for things like well and septic installation. This will require you to obtain a construction loan in addition to the mortgage for the home.

Other than the cost of land and construction, a modular house is eligible for traditional mortgage financing. Talk to a local lender to find out how you can start the process.

Make sure that you choose a location where modular homes are allowed. Some regions have something called restrictive covenants that prohibit modular homes from being built in their area.

Make the Smart Choice and Go Modular

If you want an affordable, beautiful home that’s also energy-efficient, a modular house is a wise choice. These durable homes offer you a great return on your investment while giving you the opportunity to customize them any way you choose.

Pick out your land and select the perfect modular home that will suit your needs. From ranch-style homes to two-story houses, there’s a modular design for everyone.

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