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7 Common Signs You May Need Lock Installation Services

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Did you know that almost 25% of Americans don’t lock their front doors? Despite the fact that one home burglary takes place every 12 seconds, these people don’t seem to feel the need to keep their doors locked.

If you don’t lock your front door on a regular basis, you don’t need new lock installation services. You simply need to start using the lock that’s already on the door that sits at the entrance to your home!

You can reduce the chances of your home being burglarized by putting your lock to good use. You can give your entire family peace of mind as well—both when they’re at home and when they’re away from it.

With all of that being said, though, there are some times when locking your front door isn’t going to do enough to protect your home. You’re going to want to consider having new lock installation services performed to ensure the locks on your front door are doing their job. 

Here are seven signs that’ll let you know you need to have new locks installed on a door right away.

1. Your Front Door Locks Look Like They’ve Been Tampered With

If someone were to try and break into your home, how do you think they would do it? You might be under the impression that they would attempt to be discreet by entering your home through a back window or a back door.

But studies have shown that more than 30% of burglars break into homes by going through the front door. Some of them walk right into homes when front doors aren’t locked, while others tinker around with the locks on front doors and eventually get them to open.

To the best of your knowledge, you may not have ever had someone try to break into your home. But that doesn’t mean that no one has ever tried to do it. They may have just struggled to get by the locks on your front door.

Take a close look at the locks on your front door each and every time you go into and out of your home. If you suspect that someone may have been tampering with them, it’s a clear-cut sign that they need to be replaced.

Have new lock installation done so that your locks aren’t warped or weakened in any way. Even if it turns out that no one ever tried to break into your home, you’ll sleep better at night knowing you don’t have compromised locks on your door.

2. You’re Having a Hard Time Locking and Unlocking Your Door

When you go to lock or unlock the front door on your home, what happens? Do your keys slide in and out of the locks on your door and make it easy to lock and unlock it?

Far too many people get into the habit of fighting with the locks on their doors every day when they’re going to lock and unlock them. They have to jiggle their keys around and do all kinds of crazy things to get their locks to lock and unlock before removing their keys.

This should really go without saying, but this is not the way that your keys and locks should work! And that goes for both the keys and locks for your front door as well as the keys and locks for every other door in your home.

If you ignore this problem over and over again, it’s only going to be a matter of time before it comes back to bite you. At some point, you’re going to go to lock or unlock your door and your key is going to snap in half and get stuck in the door.

This will make replacing your locks harder than it would be otherwise. It’ll also leave your home susceptible to security issues while you’re waiting on a locksmith to come out to your home to install new locks for you.

3. You Notice the Locks on Your Door Aren’t Made by a Reputable Manufacturer

Which manufacturer made the locks that you have installed in your front door right now? If you don’t have the slightest clue, you should take the time to check it out so that you know who made the locks that you depend on day in and day out.

The door lock and lockset manufacturing industry is a whole lot bigger than you might realize. At the moment, it consists of almost 200 individual manufacturers that bring in about $4 billion every year in sales.

There is a lot of money to be made in this industry, and it has resulted in tons of subpar companies throwing their hats into the ring. These companies aren’t always able to provide people with the superior locks that they need to keep their homes safe.

If possible, you should invest in locks for your front door and other doors in your home that are manufactured by the likes of:

  • Schlage
  • Arrow
  • Sargent
  • Yale
  • Angel Digital

You should also make sure that you have a dependable locksmith install your locks in the first place. If you don’t, there is a decent chance that your locks might not be able to operate up to their full potential.

You’ll want to arrange to have new lock installation services done if you aren’t sure about the manufacturer of your locks or the locksmith who put the locks into place. It’s the only way to guarantee that your locks are going to keep your home as secure as it can be.

4. You’ve Lost Tracks of All the Keys for the Locks on Your Door

It’s not all that uncommon for homeowners to make copies of their house keys over time. Often times, they’ll have quite a few keys that they’ve made and handed out to different people.

Parents will make copies of their keys for their kids. People will also make copies of their keys for their neighbors. You might even have a spare key (or two?) positioned somewhere on the exterior of your property just in case you ever get locked out of your home.

This is all well and good. But there’s one problem with taking this approach to make copies of your keys: You’re going to lose track of at least one of them at some point in time.

Your kids are going to misplace their keys and leave them…well, who knows! You’re going to have a falling out with a neighbor and stop speaking to them before you’re able to collect your keys from them. And you yourself might even lose your keys and have to replace your entire keyring.

All of these scenarios could potentially pose a threat to your home. You’re going to have missing keys floating around out there in the world and forcing you to worry about where they might be.

Your best bet if you ever find yourself in one of these situations is to do a new lock installation. You can replace your current locks with new ones and make it so much easier to keep tabs on your keys from now on.

5. You’re Moving Into a New Home and Want New Locks for It

Are you planning on moving into a new home sometime soon? There are a million and one things that you’re going to want to do when you take ownership of the home.

You should:

  • Turn on the utilities in the home so that they’re working when you arrive
  • Move all your personal possessions into the home so that you can start setting the house up the way you want it
  • Look around for both the main water valve and the fuse box in the home
  • Deep clean the kitchen and bathroom in the home to make sure they’re 100% germ-free
  • Introduce yourself to your new neighbors and ask them what they can tell you about the home

But there’s one thing you should do before you do almost anything else: Obtain new lock installation services.

There is no telling who might have a key to the home you’re buying. Even if the previous owners gave you a bunch of keys and swore that there weren’t any others out there, you never know.

Rather than getting too caught up in unpacking and making yourself at home in your new house, make installing new locks on your doors a high priority. You’ll feel so much safer in the home when you do.

6. You’re Interested in Adding High-Tech Locks to Your Door

Almost everything inside of homes has gotten so much “smarter” over the last 10 years or so. You can control your lights, your electronics, your thermostat, and so much more with your voice or your smartphone.

We didn’t think we would ever see the day, but as it turns out, the locks on your doors have gotten smarter than ever before, too. There are some locks that you don’t even need to use keys for anymore.

More and more homeowners are having smart door locks installed on the exterior doors of their homes these days. In fact, smart door lock manufacturers are confident that they’re going to be selling upwards of 1.7 million smart door locks each year by the time 2021 rolls around.

Would you like to get in on the craze and see why so many people are buying smart door locks? You can do it when you have new door lock installation services performed.

A locksmith can speak with you about the high-tech lock options that are available to you. They can also break down how these locks work and provide you with a demonstration in some cases.

This will help you decide if smart door locks are the best option for you. You’ll be amazed by how easy they are to use and by how they take home security to another level once you start using them.

7. Your Locks Just Don’t Make You Feel Secure in Your Own Home

According to a recent study, almost 60% of Americans say that they don’t feel safe on a daily basis. About 30% of these people worry about being affected by violent crime and over 20% of them worry about being impacted by property crime.

Are you one of the millions of people in this country concerned about your safety at almost all times? You can ease at least some of your worries by buying new locks for your home and having them installed.

The locks that you put on your home’s doors aren’t going to keep you 100% safe. There is no guaranteeing that someone won’t try to break into your home regardless of which locks you install on your doors.

But you deserve to feel as safe as you can when you’re inside your home, and new locks will deliver that feeling to you. They’ll stop you from being so stressed out about safety all the time and allow you to relax.

No one should have to walk around inside their own home fearful of what might happen to them. But you might find yourself doing just that if you don’t have complete confidence in the locks that are on your doors right now.

Schedule New Lock Installation Services Today

Most locks look and feel sturdy, and as a result, homeowners think that they’re going to last forever. But unfortunately, this is not the case!

Many locks will only last for about seven to ten years before they’ll need to be replaced. If you’ve been using any of the locks in your home for longer than that, you might want to consider replacing them.

You might also want to consider having new lock installation services done if you’ve experienced any of the signs we’ve listed here. These signs will let you know that it’s time to take out your old locks and put new locks into their place.

Browse through our blog to read more articles on finding the best locks for your home and choosing the right locksmith to install them.

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