Hydrate Well: 5 of the Best Home Water Filters for 2019

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The jury’s still out on the exact number of ounces of water our bodies need daily. But there’s no argument that drinking ample amounts of water each day is good for you. 

The amount of water you drink isn’t the only factor, though. It’s also important the water you drink doesn’t pass on harmful contaminants to your body. 

What’s the best way to make sure the water you drink is healthy? Use a home water filtration system. 

Keep reading for a guide to finding the best home water filtration system for your family. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The EPA regulates all public and residential drinking water. Even though it’s regulated, it doesn’t mean it’s completely free of contaminants. 

The EPA allows specific levels of asbestos, cadmium, chlorine, and other potentially harmful elements in the water. For example, 7 million fibers of asbestos per liter of water is okay by the EPA. 

But if that doesn’t sound appealing to you, it’s time for a filter. Keep in mind that no filters remove every type of contaminant. 

Before you invest in any water filtration system, search the model in the NSF database. There you’ll find specific details about the filters. 

1. Filtap Drinking Water System

Looking for high-quality water filters for a great price? Filtap offers a selection of water filtration systems.

Not sure what water filtration is best for your home? From a twin under-sink system to a 5-stage reverse osmosis system, Filtap helps you choose what works best for you. 

2. APEC 5-Stage Water Filter

The Apec Top Tier 5-stage Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System is one of the best systems available. 

As the name states, this system cleans your water in five stages. And it removes up to 99% of drinking water contaminants. You’ll install this filter under the sink. 

Through activated charcoal and reverse osmosis, the filter removes over 1,000 contaminants. 

3. APEX Countertop

Are you looking for an easy countertop solution? The APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter could fill the bill. 

Connect the filtration system to your kitchen faucet and leave it on the counter. Let the system do the rest! It removes common drinking water contaminants, including radon, mercury, and pesticides. 

4. Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Filter 

The Big Berkey is great for cleaning up over 99% of pathogenic bacteria. It’s effective but a little slow. Filtering 2.25 gallons of water takes about two hours. 

But it gets top ratings when it comes to quality. Be sure and fill the Big Berkey before bedtime so you’ll have a full 2.25 gallons of water ready for the morning. 

5. CUZN UC-200 Under Counter

If you’ve got a big family in need of a large-capacity filtration system, the CUZN UC-200 is a good choice for you. 

This system connects to the cold water pipe under your sink and stays hidden there. This system doesn’t work for well water but does great with municipal supplies. 

Finding the Best Home Water Filtration System

Everyone’s water system is different. Some people have well water while others are on the municipal system. But finding the best home water filtration system for your family is a must. 

Look for a filter that works with your water supply and provides enough filtered water for your family on a daily basis. In no time, you’ll be sipping with the peace of mind that safe water brings. 

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