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Buying the Best Commercial Refrigerator: Tips and Factors to Consider

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Are you in the market to buy a commercial refrigerator for your business?

With prices of up to $14,000, your commercial fridge can be one of the most expensive purchases you make. The high cost of buying a commercial refrigerator makes it a decision you can’t afford to make without performing research ahead of time.

Read on to learn tips and factors that will help you buy the best commercial refrigerator!

Pay for a Good Warranty

A good warranty can go a long way towards saving you significant amounts of money over the life of your commercial refrigerator.

Did you know that the average repair cost is $264? But repairs can be much more expensive, depending on the part and the extent of the damage. Sometimes, may need to replace a part on your fridge altogether.

Paying for an extended warranty from a reputable company may cost you more at first, but not after it covers the expense of a few repairs.

Stainless Steel Only

A refrigerator for business purposes must be built to last despite daily use over time.

For example, if your commercial refrigerator is in a kitchen at your restaurant, it may be subjected to lots of people in a crowded area. 

By purchasing a stainless steel refrigerator, you will receive a sturdy machine that should withstand the test of time.

If you forego stainless steel to purchase a machine made out of cheaper material, you may be at a greater risk of damaging your system.

A reputable commercial fridge supplier will work with you to find a stainless steel refrigerator that fits your needs!

Digital Temperature Controls

Your refrigerator must be operating in an efficient manner and at precise temperatures.

That’s because you need to protect your customers and the integrity of your product. When you are serving food at a restaurant, how you store your ingredients can have a big impact on how it tastes when your customer eats it.

A digital temperature control takes the guesswork out of storing foods at the proper temperatures. This digital feature will give you instant feedback on the temperature in your refrigerator.

It will also help you have a better sense of how periods of repeated opening and closing the refrigerator impact the temperature inside the unit.

Wrapping Up: Buy the Best Commercial Refrigerator 

The best commercial refrigerator is one that is built to last and serves the unique needs of your business. It’s not necessarily the one that costs the most or has the largest amount of storage space.

Before you buy a refrigerator for your company, take the time to consider what you need and what your budget is. By giving thought ahead of time to what you will buy, it increases the chance that you get what you want the first time.

But if you buy without considering all your options first, you may have downtime at your business while you replace bad equipment for the right stuff.

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