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Rent Storage Space: 5 Key Benefits of Using Self-Storage Units

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While American families get smaller, our homes are getting bigger. The reason for this might be the ever-increasing amount of stuff we have to fill our homes with. On average, US homes contain over 300,000 items

If you’ve got more things than rooms to put them in, the solution could be to rent storage space. As well as being cheaper than adding on to your home, self-storage units come with a wealth of advantages. 

Read on to find out why you should consider renting a storage unit. 

1. Free Up Space at Home

Often, the more space we have, the more stuff we have to fill it with. Unless you’re keen to try out some Scandi-style minimalism and get rid of all your things, renting storage space is the best way to free up some much-needed space at home. 

But, renting a storage unit doesn’t just mean you can avoid cramming more items into spare rooms, cupboards, and basements. It also means you can organize your things better so it’s easier to find essential items.

2. Protect Belongings from Damage

While we’re busy cramming every nook and cranny of our homes with stuff, we tend to pay less attention to how suitable our storage locations are. 

Belongings kept in damp, dark corners of the basement can be prone to environmental damage. And possessions balanced on top of each other in a cupboard are more likely to topple over and break. 

If you rent a storage unit, you can be sure that environmental conditions are fine-tuned to keep your items safe and damage-free. Likewise, indoor storage units come in a variety of sizes, making it easier to rent the right amount of space for your things.  

3. Provide a Base During Transition Periods

For those of you living between two cities, in the process of moving, or traveling the world, there’s no need to get rid of everything but the shirt on your back. 

Instead, place your items in temporary storage. This way your belongings will always have a secure, permanent base, even if you don’t. 

4. Keep Your Things Safe from Theft

Another advantage of top self-storage is the guaranteed extra security it provides for your valuable possessions. 

Storage units have several stages of protection, including CCTV and 24-hour monitoring. It’s also common for indoor storage units to be located in buildings or compounds with regulated access. 

Even the most secure residential homes can’t compete with that level of theft-prevention. 

5. Make a Home for Your Hobbies

Whether you need somewhere to store your crafting equipment or extra space for your woodworking gear, renting a storage unit is the perfect solution. 

You’ll have easy access to all your hobby equipment whenever you need it without it taking up space at home. Plus, your storage unit could double-up as a workshop with the added bonus of plenty of peace and quiet. 

Great Reasons to Rent Storage Space

Whatever reason you have for wanting to rent storage space, it’s easy to see why it’s a smart choice for many people. 

As well as providing you with as much extra space as you need, top storage units are one of the safest and most secure places to store your belongings. 

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