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Make It Shine: 4 Metallic Wall Finishes To Add Sparkle to Your Home

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Painting a space is one of the easiest and quickest ways to spruce up or change the feeling of a room. But today, you have so many more fun options to choose from than just the color!

Keep reading to learn about seven metallic wall finishes that will add just the right amount of glam and luxury to your space.

1. Glitter Paint

Glitter paint is one of the most fashion-forward trends in home decor right now. And with multiple options to spray or roll-on, it’s an easy way to add a bit of bling to brighten up a room.

  • Instead of adding an accent wall in a different color, choose a shade of glitter paint similar to the rest of the room and create your accent using glitter in the same tone.
  • Add a pop of sparkle to your ceiling – the lights will shimmer and reflect off the paint and add a starry night effect to the room.
  • Paint the top half of a wall with regular paint, the bottom with glitter paint in the same tone, and add an accent trim piece around the room for a different take on paneled walls.
  • Pair glitter paint on the walls with modern or rustic home decor to create a rustic or industrial glam style.
  • Go nuts in a kid’s room – you can keep the color softer while adding a sparkle perfect for any princess or prince.

2. Metallic Paint

Metallic paints are more subtle than glitter paints, offering a shimmer instead of a shine. And some metallic paints serve a double purpose in that they’re magnetic!

  • Because it’s so subtle, you can use a metallic paint to paint an entire room with a shimmering tone! 
  • Create a statement wall using magnetic metallic paint – you can use magnets to showcase pieces of art and have a revolving art gallery.
  • Paint the ceiling and one wall with metallic paint, and the rest of the room with regular paint of the same shade to create a waterfall look.
  • Paint your walls with regular paint, then tape off geometric lines on one wall and paint inside them with metallic paint in the same tone for a modern accent wall.

3. Metallic Wallpaper

If you’re not the painting type, there are now fun metallic wallpapers to try! Wallpapers can add a little something extra to a room, as many include different textures that mimic fabric or woven materials.

Note that wallpapers are generally not as quick a job as paint, and require some additional tools and materials to complete.

  • Use a patterned metallic wallpaper on one wall to add depth and fun to a room.
  • Wallpapers don’t have to be for walls – you can use them in drawers and cupboards to add a fun hidden pop!
  • Wallpapers mix perfectly with paint, meaning you can create a one-of-a-kind room by wallpapering the top half of your walls and painting the bottom, or vice versa.
  • Using peel and stick style metallic wallpapers, save yourself some money and instead of buying new appliances to go with your remodel, give your current appliances a makeover with a new finish instead!

4. Metal Wall Sheeting

If you really want to go all out, you can now get metallic wall sheeting that is actually real metal. Coming in all different gauges, finishes, and patterns, metallic wall sheeting can add a lot of depth and texture to a space.

  • Choose a metal finish that compliments the colors in your room, and then add other small elements like drawer pulls or lamps in the same finish.
  • Use metal sheeting on the walls around a wood stove or fireplace for an authentic vibe.
  • Use tiles of metal wall sheeting to tiles backsplash walls – it will be easy to clean and add a small pop of glam.
  • Conversely, you could also add those thin metal tiles to a ceiling to add a sense of luxury to a space like a dining room, formal living area or kitchen.

How to Apply Metallic Wall Finishes

The main thing to keep in mind is that a metallic wall finish can either be a perfect touch or completely gaudy. You’ll need to keep the following aspects in mind while designing your space.

1. Small rooms can’t take darker and more extreme finishes the way a larger room can. If you have a small room to design, keep metallic finishes to an accent wall instead of a complete treatment.

2. Different paints have different amounts and sizes of glitter pieces in them. You can have a fairly subtle texture and amount of sparkle in one and then what looks like a child’s glitter artwork in another. Make sure you look at samples before committing to a certain brand of paint to get the feel you want.

3. Metallic sheeting and wallpapers are generally going to be more expensive and harder to apply/install than paint. Make sure you have the tools and knowledge to finish your project.

4. Think about further changes down the road. Some metallic paints have quite a lot of texture that will show through changes in paint down the road. You’ll have the same issue painting over textured wallpapers. If you’re one of those “change it every year” types, you may want to make sure whatever you choose won’t be a nightmare for you down the road.

Choosing the Right Metallic Wall Finish for Your Home!

Now that you know about the different metallic wall finishes, it’s time to go pick one for your space! Consider the size of your room, the feeling you’re trying to convey and the budget you have to work with to choose which is right for you.

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