7 of the Highest Paying Hospitality Jobs From Entry to Senior Level

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Are you giving some serious thought to a career in the hospitality industry? Job options are wide and varied so whatever your skills and interests are, there’s a place for you.

Still, when making a career choice, it’s helpful to know what the salary is like. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 7 highest paying hospitality jobs out there.

After all, it is true that “money can’t buy happiness.” But it can buy donuts, and that’s a close second…

1. Executive Chef

Executive chefs have a whole lot more responsibilities than simply yelling at people in a reality TV kitchen. In fact, the role is more common and fulfilling than people may think.

Basically anywhere food is served, from a cruise ship to a hotel, an executive chef is needed. The simplest way of putting it is the executive chef is responsible for overseeing and managing teams of cooks.

They verify the quality and cleanliness of the food and kitchen. Executive chefs are also responsible for all administrative tasks related to the foodservice and for making sure the kitchen is fully stoked.

An average salary for such an individual may be around $64,000 a year.

2. Casino Host

If you enjoy talking with people and helping them feel at ease and welcome, then a casino host could be the perfect job for you. It is the role of the casino host to pay attention to guests and make sure their experience is a great one.

They are required to pay special attention to “big spenders” and help them feel like VIPs. Their goal is to help guests feel welcome and known in the casino.

In particular, a casino host welcomes big spenders and provides for their needs and comfort to help them feel more inclined to return.

Casino hosts make the rounds each day and check on the needs and enjoyment of guests. For their work, they are able to make around $53,700 a year.

3. Event Planners & Managers

Auctions, Galas, Christmas benefits, board meetings, conventions, just about any business-related event you can name–event planners and managers run the show. This is a fun, but highly demanding career choice.

Event planners juggle a lot of balls with every project they take on.

Creativity, organization, planning, and communication are just a few of the key skill sets you must master as an event planner or manager. Be prepared to lose yourself in your work, in a good way.

For their efforts, event planners can make around $76,412 each year. However, depending on the number and size of events they plan and manage, this number can vary.

4. Flight Attendant

Free flights, adventure, and interaction with others are just a few of the many perks flight attendants enjoy. Depending on the airline you fly with, training can be quite rigorous.

This is in large part because of the security and other protocols that flight attendants must be well versed in.

If people and travel are your joys, becoming a flight attendant could be an excellent route. Service to others is a major aspect of the role. Flight attendants must also be able to stay on their feet for long periods of time as well as problem solve in an instant.

The travel-related benefits go on and on, but the salary is close to $50,000 a year on average. If staying in one place for long isn’t your forte, flight attendant school could be right up your alley.

5. Casino Security Manager

What does a casino security manager do? You guessed it, they oversee security in casinos and gaming venues. They are in charge of managing other security guards and employees, securing the property at large, and making sure no disturbances or incidents happen on the floor.

Most casinos require security managers to be CPR certified as well as possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Criminal Justice. 

This casino and others offer similar positions for individuals with several years of security experience. With this career, you’d be looking at anywhere from $62,900 to $100,000 with benefits and bonuses.

6. Sommelier

If you can pronounce it, you’re halfway there. Actually becoming a true sommelier is much more challenging than some may think. An affinity for drinking wine is step one.

High-end restaurants and hotels pay good money to sommeliers who can assist them in choosing the best wines to serve their visitors. 

The delicate nuances of bouquet and flavor can be difficult to master and identify, which is why sommeliers are often used by well-known chefs to select wines that will best compliment their intricate dishes.

Sommelier salaries range but on average they could be paid around $55,000.

7. Housekeeping Directors

If you’re even slightly familiar with the hospitality industry, then you are aware of the vital role cleanliness plays in an establishment’s success. It’s invaluable.

This means many hotels, cruise ships, restaurants and more will pay top dollar for an excellent Director of Housekeeping.

As the name implies, housekeeping directors oversee teams of housekeepers. They make sure all rooms are spotless and up to the proper standards of cleanliness.

Not only this, but they need to be good with people. Often, if a problem or concern arises on the part of a customer or guest, it is the Director of Housekeeping that must communicate with that customer and address their needs.

Directors of Housekeeping must also be quick problem solvers and critical thinkers. Their skills are well-compensated with an average salary of around $72,599 a year.

More of the Highest Paying Hospitality Jobs

Among some of the other highest paying hospitality jobs include hotel managers, waiters (you’d be surprised depending on the venue), and valet drivers.

Browse the educational section of our blog for more interesting tidbits on career paths. Happy hospitality job-hunting!

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