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How to Be an Adult: Quick and Easy Guide to What You Need to Do as an Adult

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You’ll often hear people say that “adulting” is hard. While this can be true, it’s a part of life everyone must face. 

However, learning how to be an adult isn’t as simple or automatic as turning 18. There’s a lot more to being a proper adult than hitting the minimum age requirement. 

Keep reading for a complete basic guide on how to get your stuff together and start adulting like a pro.

1. Move Out of Your Parents’ House

The first step in learning how to be an adult is getting out on your own. You can move in with friends, a sibling, complete strangers, or by yourself. Regardless, you can’t call yourself an adult while living with Mommy and Daddy.

Start small and work yourself up to your dream home. Don’t fall into the trap of spending your entire month’s salary trying to pay your rent. 

2. Learn How to Cook Decent Meals

Next, it’s best to teach yourself early on how to cook proper meals. Even though veteran adults still rely way too heavily on fast food, you can avoid making that unhealthy and expensive mistake. 

Start with the basics of cooking lean meats and vegetables. You can get more elaborate as time goes on. 

3. Earn a Steady Income

To afford your new life as an adult, have a steady form of income. 

College isn’t for everyone. If you don’t go, that’s okay. However, you need to have your financial bases covered.

Start by getting a steady job with consistent hours. If you want to venture off and explore entrepreneurship, great! However, you need a place to start, whether that’s flipping burgers or stocking shelves.

4. Get Insurance

When you’re learning how to be an adult, one of the first things you’ll pick up on is that if something bad can happen, it probably will. This includes car accidents, flat tires, and medical emergencies.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get insured. At the very least you should have car insurance and health insurance. However, dental insurance and renter’s insurance are also good ideas.

If you’re looking into being a business owner, you need to know about business insurance, captive insurance, and worker’s comprehension insurance.

5. Be Reliable to Yourself and Others

One of the most desirable traits in a friend, family member, lover, co-worker, or employee is reliability. You need to be someone people can count on. 

This means showing up to work on time, making yourself available to help people you care about when they need you, and being an honest lover, spouse, significant other, etc.

However, this also means being self-reliable. Get out of the habit of relying on other people to get you out of binds. Instead, pick up extra hours or find a second or better paying job.

6. Communicate Like an Adult

You’re not in high school anymore. The time for giving people the silent treatment and being passive aggressive has passed.

Part of learning how to be an adult is learning how to communicate like one. Be straight forward with your intentions in any situation (save a surprise party). Don’t lie or cheat to get the desired outcome.

Don’t play games with people. Just be honest and forthcoming.

Need More Advice on How to Be an Adult?

Now that you’ve got the basics down on how to be an adult, you’re in a prime position to learn the advanced lesson.

Check out the rest of our articles to find more valuable information and advice about how to thrive personally and professionally as an adult.

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