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How to Tell If Your Home Has Asbestos: The Only Guide You Need

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Did you know that 90% of mesothelioma cases are caused by asbestos exposure and there are about 3,000 Americans diagnosed every year with mesothelioma? If you live in an older home you can be at risk of exposing yourself to asbestos and in turn having a terrible side effect such as mesothelioma.

Keep reading to learn how to tell if your home has asbestos. 

How to Tell If Your Home Has Asbestos

Because asbestos has incredible insulating properties it was used in building materials until the late ’80s when they realized that it was terrible for our health. In case you did not know asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral.

You run the risk of getting exposed to asbestos when any of the building materials that contain it get damaged or broken. 

These are the signs you have to look for if you think that your home has asbestos:

1. Cement Sheets

If your home is older and contains cement sheets they more than likely contain asbestos. Areas that are around the sheet might also contain asbestos. Light bases, vent covers, and cover traps should also be inspected for any traces of asbestos. 

Companies like Surfco Restoration & Construction LLC can perform an asbestos test to determine whether or not the sheets contain asbestos.

2. Older Home

If your home was built before the 1980s it might contain materials with asbestos content. It was used in different areas as insulation such as boilers, pipes, fireplaces, ceiling tiles, and even in sheeting.

As you can see there are multiple places that your home can have asbestos if your home is older. For this reason, having your home tested is important. 

3. Cement Water Tanks

If your home has a cement water tank you will want to have the tank tested and replaced if it has been damaged. Asbestos content in water tanks in older homes is not a high percentage but any amount of exposure, if the tank is damaged, can and will cause harm.

4. Corrugated Roof

Between the 1920s and the 1970s the corrugated roofing that was sold contained asbestos. If your home has corrugated roofing then it’s time to call the professionals to test it. The cement roof shingles contain white asbestos which is called Chrysotile.

5. Vinyl Floor

If your home has a vinyl floor that was installed between the 50s and 80s there is a high probability that it was made out of asbestos. They used to make vinyl flooring tiles with either paper or millboard out of asbestos. 

Feeling Like an Asbestos Pro Yet?

Now that we have broken down how to tell if your home has asbestos, you are probably feeling full of knowledge. Now it’s time to decide if your home has any of the signs above and take action if you think you need an asbestos test performed.

Please do not forget – leave it to the pros. Dealing with asbestos yourself is not something to play around with.

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