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Top 4 Best Home Tools for House Renovations

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Are you planning on doing some renovation work for your home? Before you get started you should take an inventory and make sure you have all the right tools for the job. 

Keep reading for the best tools to have on hand for your upcoming house renovations. 

1. Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill

When getting ready for your home renovation one of the most important tools you can have is a lithium-ion cordless drill. This handy tool is perfect for your planned remodel since it is lightweight and the lithium-ion battery life lasts longer and when charged doesn’t take a long time to get back to full power. 

When shopping, make sure to find a drill that has good control of the trigger, this will help you easily switch drilling speeds from fast to slow if needed. You will also want to hold the drill to make sure that the reverse switch is within reach of your forefinger and thumb so you can easily switch directions if needed. A light on the drill is also handy if you need to drill something in an area that is not well lit, under cabinets or the house, for instance. 

2. Measuring Tape

When it comes to renovations you want to follow the golden rule of “measure twice, cut once.” Measuring mistakes can be costly not only to your time but also financially so it is crucial you have a measuring tape on hand before starting your next project. 

If you don’t have one already then purchase a measuring tape that can endure a fall in case you drop it from the top of a ladder. Another handy feature you will want is a switch that will keep the tape from retracting into the casing before you are ready for it too. 

3. Ladder

When you are getting ready to do your own home project it is important that you have a ladder that can reach all the heights in or outside of your home. You want to avoid using a ladder that is to short to reach where you need to get to so you keep from reaching and potentially knocking yourself off balance and falling. 

In addition to having a ladder with the appropriate height, one that has an attachment to hold your can of paint or tools will be handy. 

4. Hammer

When doing your own renovations you will need a sledgehammer for doing your own demolition of walls or tearing out cabinets. A sledgehammer will help make quick work of the job but make sure you can lift and swing it comfortably if it is to heavy you may need to go to a hammer that is lighter weight. 

A regular hammer will be needed for assembling furniture or hanging up shelving. If you need a specialty hammer you can shop here for more options. 

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These are some of the most important tools you should have on hand when doing any house renovations. So before you get started on your next project make sure you have the right tools for the job!

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