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How to Obtain Your Concealed Carry Permit

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Around 40% of US households own one or more firearms.

For most of those people, getting a concealed carry permit was the first step to getting those guns.

If you’re looking to get yours but aren’t sure how, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly how to obtain a permit for concealed carry.

Steps to Getting Your Concealed Carry Permit

While states have varying requirements for gun ownership, the general process is the same. Read on to find out how it works.

1. Check State Laws

Your first port of call should be your state laws. This is because they vary from state to state.

There are three types of jurisdictions for allowing permits:

  • Shall-Issue: In states that are “shall-issue” jurisdictions, your application will be granted as long as you meet the basic requirements.
  • May-Issue: In these states, it can be a little more difficult. This is because the issuing authority has full discretion over each application. As a result, they can sometimes deny them without giving any explanation at all.
  • No-Issue: These states are sometimes referred to as “right denied” jurisdictions. This is because they don’t grant concealed carry permits to private citizens at all.

2. Meet the Basic Requirements

No matter which state you live in, there are some basic requirements that must be met before you apply.

Whether you’re looking to carry a Glock or a carbon fiber barrel, you’ll need to fulfill these requirements beforehand.

The first step is that the applicant must be over 21 years of age. The second is that they must have no felony convictions. This is generally referred to as “proof of good character”.

3. Get a Background Check

A background check is one of the most important parts of the application process.

You can get yours by contacting your local law enforcement. After you’ve paid a fee, they’ll take your fingerprints and send them to the Bureau of Criminal Identification.

4. Take Gun Safety Classes

You may be required to pass a firearms training course before you can submit your application.

Regardless of whether this is a requirement in your state, safety training is an important consideration for first-time gun buyers. It’s a good idea to take these classes for your own safety and peace of mind.

However, some individuals may not need to go through such courses. This includes those who are already fully certified and members of the military.

4. Submit Your Application and Wait for Approval

The final step is to fill out the paperwork and send it off.

Each state has a specific set of application forms and requirements. You may need to include extra documents, such as proof of residency or copies of your passport.

Make sure you budget for the fees that will be included, too.

A Right of Passage

Whether you’re looking to carry a gun for hunting, self-defense or just to exercise your rights, you’ll need to follow this process. You’ll also need to be over the age of 21.

For some Americans, learning how to use and carry a gun is an essential part of adult life.

To learn more about other important steps to adulthood, see our post on essential life skills.

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