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How to Create the Perfect DIY Casino Night Party

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The casino industry rakes in about $450 billion a year. This might make you feel like it’s impossible to match the kind of aura and decor that a casino has in your own home or office. However, if you make the right decisions, you can set up a great casino night party for your friends, family, or colleagues.

Since not everyone likes to play for money, and some people have dealt with an addiction, you can take money out of the equation and still have fun.

If you want to have a great DIY casino night party, follow these 4 tips.

1. Get Some Decorations

Setting the mood is very important. Having some fuzzy dice, poker visors, and neon decor can help get people in the mood.

If you’re having a classier vibe, make sure there are moody lighting and fresh flora around the space. A well-decorated casino night party is a must.

2. Have Good Snacks

Have you ever noticed how people tend to surround the food table at a party? It’s no accident. Make sure your party has lots of good finger foods that aren’t too messy. You don’t want grease on your cards.

Make sure there are both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks if you’re having an over-21 night. People might want to stay sharp when they’re betting on their next poker round.

Take things up a notch and hire a few formally dressed servers to serve food and pick up glasses from people. This will show your guests you care. Just make sure you lay out some tablecloths to protect from wine stains.

3. Make A Great Playlist

Music sets the mood for any party. If you’re looking for a classy speakeasy vibe, you should put together some jazz instrumentals. Take it up a notch by hiring a violinist or a pianist to accompany the playlist.

If you want a Vegas-style party, there’s always Elvis, Tom Jones, or any number of classic lounge acts.

4. Choose A Game Variety

What makes a casino fun is that if you’re not doing well in your favorite game, you can move on to another. Whether you’re playing for fun or for money, a winning streak can make you feel good. If you hit a hurdle, it’s nice to take a break with another game.

Having a craps table is a must for any casino night party. You should also have at least two card games going with a dealer posted at each table. Blackjack and poker are stapes to consider.

If you don’t have access to a slot machine, you should try a digital version. Set up one or two laptops for people to play free slot games with. Every online slot site has a different set of games so make sure you check it out in advance.

A DIY Casino Night Party Can Be More Fun Than Vegas

If you play your cards right, your casino night party can rival the best nights in Atlantic City. Follow these tips and you’ll please your guests and give them a night they’ll never forget.

When it comes time to choose your beer list for the party, check out our guide for the best beers to pair with games.

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