how to insulate a house

5 Tips for How to Insulate a House Yourself

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On average, heating and cooling account for a whopping 54% of the average home’s utility bills. Insulating your home could save you bucketloads of money and reduce your home’s impact on the environment. Also, if you learn how to insulate a house, you save money on extra labor costs!

Living in a cold house can cause pneumonia, high blood pressure, loss of sleep, and possible heart attacks. They are also a breeding ground for toxic molds and high amounts of stress.

Living in a hot home can cause skin conditions, fatigue, lack of sleep and poor concentration.

But how can we fix this on a budget, without forking out a ton of money for professional insulators?

The answer is simple, here are 5 tips on how to insulate your home, yourself. Check it out!

1. Decorate Your Windows With Thick Curtains

Thick curtains can do wonders for your home temperature. If it is cold, they can help contain the heat within your home. On a sunny, winter day, keeping them open will help bring the sunlight in through the windows.

On a hot, summer day, keeping the thick curtains closed during the day will block the heat and sunlight from entering your windows.

2. Weatherproof Any Air Leaks

Using caulking or weatherproofing strips will help seal any air leaks in your doors and windows. Another great product is spray foam insulation, it will seal any gaps, cracks or openings.

3. Plug Your Chimney in the Summer Months

If you do not have a proper seal in your fireplace flue, you could be losing a ton of heat through your chimney. Make sure you do not have a missing or broken fireplace damper and plug the hole with a chimney balloon.

4. Use a Door Snake For Drafty Door Leaks

A door snake sits at the bottom of your door, preventing any draft from entering through the cracks. There are numerous ways to create your own door draft stopper with some common household items such as old socks, pillow stuffing, etc.

5. Apply a Seal to Your Attic Leaks

In most homes, the heat can escape through the attic, due to poor insulation techniques and undiscovered drafts. Use the spray foam as spoken about above, or simply staple reflective foil material to your roof rafters in the attic.

Now You Know How to Insulate a House, by Yourself!

After trying these DIY house insulation tips, watch your electricity bills go lower and lower each month, now you can spend that money on more important things such as products to care for your new car!

It doesn’t just stop at knowing how to insulate a house, you can find other DIY’s and “how to’s” on our website that will save you a lot of time and money.

You can learn how to do your own woodworking projects, healthy recipes, and more!

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