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5 Online Casino Tips and Tricks That Every Beginner Gambler Should Know

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Maybe you saw James Bond playing baccarat and you’re looking to grab some extra cash, or maybe you want to try something new and spontaneous. Gambling seems like an exciting possibility.

The truth is that gambling can change your life, for better or for worse. Unless you know your way around the casinos, the tactics, and the lifestyles, you’ll end up digging yourself a hole.

Fortunately, thousands of gamblers have already made these mistakes for you. There are a million ways things can go wrong, but with a few essential casino tips and tricks, you can avoid a bad outcome.

In this article, we’re going to compile our lifetime’s worth of wisdom into a five-step online casino guide every beginner needs to read.

Make Sure You Use A Reputable Online Casino

Forget the stress. Many, many years of experience with various websites demonstrate that they’re reliable.

Think about it. If you use a popular, reputed casino site (e.g., NJ No Deposit), why would they need to steal your money to profit? The consequences of fraud are permanent stains on any reputation.

Make sure the webpage has SSL encryption, which renders your info immune to hacking attempts.

How You Get Your Money Matters

After winning money on an online casino, there are few options for getting your return.

Though they all have their own drawbacks and advantages, it’s best to choose what best fits your financial scenario.

If you’re looking to get your money quickly, you can transfer the money to your bank for a percent fee. If you didn’t make too much, it might be better to get it via check or online teller.

As far as the check goes, you can either get it via mail or courier. The courier is more expensive but you’ll get it faster, whereas mail will take longer but the fee is smaller.

Control Yourself

Harvard neuroscientists report that gambling addicts get a cocaine-like high from placing bets. Based on the results of the study, addicts are more likely to take unnecessary risks when the odds are already in their favor. For example, they’ll overplay a winning hand in poker, even if it causes them to lose, because they feel a rush of endorphins with each over-bet.

Know your limits and do your best. The best players have a clear head and play because they enjoy the game, not as a way to satiate an addiction. If you’re concerned that you or someone you know is an addict, please get help through the national gambling addiction hotline.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

As humans, we’ve made a particular mistake so often that we gave it a name. It’s called the gambler’s fallacy, or the Monte-Carlo fallacy.

It’s simple. When you roll two dice and get snake eyes (two 1s), you think, “I should roll again. There’s no way I’ll get that twice in a row.”

In reality, the probability of getting snake eyes again is not higher or lower. The probability of such on fair dice is 1/36, and it will always be 1/36.

Remember that odds work in mysterious ways. You aren’t guaranteed to win after a losing streak and vice versa. Professional poker players will tell you that you don’t see the odds even out until after thousands of hands played. Don’t assume that you’re invincible. More importantly, never let that assumption convince you to bet your mortgage.

Beating the House: the Best Casino Tips and Tricks

The fastest way to become a gambling God is to learn the ins and outs of every popular casino game.

Find a niche. With enough practice, you’ll find one or two games that you can start to master. Become a student of your chosen game. Know the odds and play for long-term gain. Exploit your understanding!

Remember that no matter what game you play, the house always has the advantage. Even in baccarat, there is a 1% upper hand for the house. Play smart and you’ll reap the rewards.

Making Money with Online Casinos

Imagine living in a world without access to the Internet or books on gambling. You’d be going into a dangerous gold mine blind.

Don’t squander your time and money. There’s knowledge aplenty out there from the gambling greats.

At the end of the day, the best way to learn is through experience. Learn as much as you can, but play a lot of games. It is necessary to either start playing on an online casino site or get some friends to play with.

Speaking of friends, be sure to tell them about these casino tips and tricks on social media. For more informative articles on everything from gambling to health, check out more of our posts here.

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