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8 Indisputable Benefits of a VoIP Phone System for Your Business

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The United State’s business landscape is rife with competition with nearly 30 million small businesses in existence and millions more medium and large ones.

With that kind of pressure, it’s integral that your organization does everything it can to maximize its productivity and improve its customer’s experience. One of the best ways to do that?


Quality communication is the cornerstone of all business relationships both internally and externally. And if you’re trusting your communication to regular old phones, you’re not maximizing your potential.

Our recommendation is to upgrade your phone solution from traditional landlines to VOIP.

A VOIP phone system is a reliable service that runs over the internet as opposed to antiquated phone lines. Below, our team goes over 8 of the chief benefits VOIP can bring to your organization right now!

1. Savings

At the core of most decisions you’ll make for your business is the question of “How much is it going to cost us?”.

When it comes to cost with VOIP, most businesses will see significant savings by switching from their traditional phone provider. Given that VOIP runs through your existing internet connection, the cost of operation for VOIP companies is much lower than traditional telecommunications companies who work with hard-wired connections. Those savings are then passed down to you.

Furthermore, competition among VOIP providers is fierce. That means there are always specials going on that can lead to you saving a boatload!

2. Scalability

If a customer calls your office and you’re away from your desk, that call will go to your voicemail. That chain of events seems harmless enough.

Given the rising level of immediacy demanded by consumers today though, that missed call could mean a lost account.

With a VOIP phone system, your office phone is wherever you are. You can easily have all of your VOIP calls routed to your smartphone, to your laptop and just about anywhere else where you have an internet connection.

That means never missing an opportunity and always being there for your customers.

3. Pay for What You Need, Leave What You Don’t

When you’re doing business with traditional phone providers, you’ll likely be pigeonholed into a one size fits all business service plan. These plans tend to put small business owners in a position where they’re paying for more phone service than they need.

With VOIP, packages are flexible.

If you only need three lines for your three employees, you can save a lot more money than if you need 20 lines. The best part is that as you add more people to your company, getting your service expanded to fit your needs only takes a few clicks!

4. Insight

VOIP runs through the internet and because of that, data can be collected from calls which can help you improve your business practices. Things like length of calls, geographic location of calls, time of day, statistics on consumer’s profiles and more can be integrated into many VOIP service plans.

The more phone calls you take over VOIP, the smarter your future calls will be!

5. Security

Being able to tap traditional phone lines is a practice that has been refined over decades of phones being in existence. For that reason, every time you place a call over a landline, you run the risk of information interception.

With VOIP phone service, all calls are encrypted with state of the art security technology. That means intercepting calls takes a much deeper level of sophistication that is not likely to be possessed by bad actors targeting your organization.

6. Reliability

It’s a common misconception that because VOIP runs over the internet that reliability of your connection will be worse than if you just stuck with a traditional landline. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many VOIP service providers boast up-times for their network of 99.9%. That means that the odds of you not being able to place a call are 0.1%.

Reliability varies of course from VOIP phone system to VOIP phone system. Be sure to find a VOIP phone service that’s known for their consistency.

7. Number Flexibility

A VOIP phone system offers unprecedented area code and phone number flexibility when compared to traditional landlines.

If you have a remote workforce and want them all to get unified under your company’s primary zip code, you can do that. If you want to change people’s phone numbers dynamically, you can do that.

At the end of the day, whatever your phone number and area code needs are, a quality VOIP phone system can accommodate.

8. Ease of Use

You’d think with all of these advanced VOIP phone system features that learning how to use VOIP would be complex. Fortunately, using VOIP is similar to using any type of phone service.

The process is 100% seamless and as easy as answering the phone and enjoying your call.

When it comes to leveraging more advanced VOIP features, quality providers have excellent customer service teams who can train you on how you can get the most out of your system.

So, you can make it a point to learn everything you can about your VOIP service or just enjoy its topical phone-like features.

The choice is yours!

Wrapping Up Advantages of Adopting a VOIP Phone System

If you’re looking for ways for your business to save money while simultaneously improving productivity and customer service, switching from a traditional landline to a VOIP phone system is an excellent idea.

Any VOIP service provider you choose will come with many if not all of the excellent features we’ve discussed in this article. Also, you’ll find that most VOIP providers will offer your organization a free trial to ensure that their service is right or you.

So what do you have to lose? Start advancing the way you communicate and try VOIP today!

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