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Website Building Tips: How to DIY Your First Website

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Although they aren’t all currently active, there are almost two billion websites on the internet right now with the number growing all of the time. If you pay attention to marketing statistics, you know how important it is for your business to have an online presence.

If you’re ready to jump-start your business online, check out these great website building tips to learn how to be successful.

Website Building Tips for Beginners

Trying to start your own website isn’t always as straightforward as you want it to be. Trying to learn how to program images and text to behave in the way you want them to takes time, patience, and a good attitude.

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1. Have a Clear Purpose

The most important part of your website is the content. You need to make sure that it is helpful, informative, but also not too long-winded. Most people who visit a website won’t stay long enough to read a giant block of text. You need to focus on getting your message out in the shortest and most clear way possible.

Make sure that you tailor your content towards this purpose by telling your customers how your products or posts can help them and by using call to actions throughout your website to encourage your site visitors to delve further.

2. Develop a Site Map

Without a sitemap not only will visitors to your web page be confused, but you will also have a harder time managing your pages and keeping your content organized.

The longer you have a website, the more content that will be uploaded onto it and the more web pages you will potentially have. If you start with a good sitemap now, then you will be in a better place when it comes time to grow.

3. Find Inspiration from Your Competitors

The first place you should look for inspiration about what to put on your website is your competitor’s. They have most likely already taken the time to study your market and have tailored their content accordingly.

By paying attention to what they are doing, you will be able to shape your content to go one step further, pulling more potential customers into your website.

4. Choose a Great Domain

While choosing your business name was a lot of fun, trying to find a domain name that is available to compliment it can be stressful.

Make sure you choose something that makes sense and doesn’t involve punctuation. Most people won’t remember to put a dash in a URL if they remember it at all. Your domain name needs to be professional and simple.

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Now that you have finished reading these website building tips, you’re on your way to running a more successful business.

Your customers will be able to find you online drawing in more business. For more advice and tips check out our blog today.

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