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Up to Date: 9 Tips for How to Improve Your Dating Life

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It’s no secret that dating can be a weird, uncomfortable, and difficult thing. You’re definitely not alone if you’re frustrated with your love life or you completely dread first dates.

Studies show that the average person will face four disaster dates and have about six longterm relationships in their pursuit of “The One.”

The road to happily-ever-after is often a rocky one, filled with potholes and awkward conversations. If you’re about ready to jump ship on your dating life entirely, hold on a second-take a look at our 9 favorite tips that might just help you on the path to your one true love!

1. Remember: First Impressions Matter

On an average day, you might wake up and throw on a pair of sweats or ripped jean. But on a day where you’re trying to impress a first date, it’s probably wise to step things up a notch.

First dates are all about one thing: learning what a person is really like one-on-one.

Make sure your date’s decision about you is a good one. Remember to look and act your best, because whether you like it or not, first impressions really do matter!

2. Choose First Date Plans That are Comfortable

While we’re all in favor of pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone, a first date is often not the time to do so. Especially if you’re a person who’s had some negative experiences with dating, it can be really important for you to ensure that whatever environment you’re subjecting yourself to for this date is a comfortable one.

Many dates will be impressed and grateful to see you making the first move and suggesting plans right away-so take advantage of this and choose somewhere familiar where you know you can be confident and totally yourself.

3. Bring Your Best Attitudes

The early stages of dating aren’t the platform for complaining. Try to set aside the negative things in your life and just have fun! Keep the conversation light and be sure to showcase your very best attitude.

No one wants to leave a date thinking, “Wow, that person seemed negative,” or feeling in a worse mood than when they arrived. Focus on the situation at hand and take everything with the best attitude on your sleeve.

4. Put Your Phone Away

Maybe the only thing worse than a date who spends the entire time complaining is a date who won’t get off their phone! Really, who else do you need to be talking to during this date?

Put your phone away completely. Live in the moment, give all your attention to the person you’re with. Show them that you care about getting to know them and that you’re not controlled by your phone!

5. Don’t Forget to Listen

For some of us, nerve-wracking situations can lead us to babbling. It’s easy to get caught in a nervous spiral of talking about ourselves just to fill the silence-but don’t forget to listen and ask lots of questions.

Try not to feel the need to fit all your stories and opinions into that first date. If you ask questions, listen, and let the conversation flow naturally, there will likely be lots more opportunities to share about yourself on later dates.

6. Don’t Talk About Your Ex

It turns out, there are lots of “worst” things you can do on first (or any!) dates. Talking about your ex, like, at all, is a huge one. It’s one of the fastest ways to make the other person uncomfortable and the easiest ways to kill the mood entirely.

Talking about your ex on a first date makes it seem as though you’re not over them, not ready to be pursuing new relationships, and not as interested in the person you’re with at the moment. Leave thoughts about your ex to your Finsta accout…trust us.

7. Be Yourself

So it may seem like there’s a lot to remember if you’re hoping to come away successfully from your date-but the bottom line and one of the most important things to remember is to be yourself.

If you’re not relaxed and feeling like you, you’ll end up coming off seeming nervous or shady or like you’re trying too hard…way too hard. Do your best to be positive and to live in the moment, but remember: at the end of the day, your date is here to get to know you as a person. Show them who you are!

8. Follow Up!

One of the most important aspects of dating actually comes after the fact on the follow-up. It’s important to be respectful and clear about your intentions, regardless of what they are.

If you’re interested in seeing your date again, say so. Text or call or make some other effort to contact your date again soon after your first one. Despite what many people seem to think, successful relationships don’t often start by playing games; be honest and clear about your intentions.

9. Remember That it Can’t Always be a Love Connection

Speaking of being honest about your intentions…remember that it’s also okay not to have any! If, by the end of your date, you’ve realized there just isn’t much of a connection, that’s absolutely okay. Be respectful and let your date know that you had a nice time-just don’t make any commitment to further plans.

Try not to get frustrated when things don’t work out. Keep your head up, be grateful for the chance to try out your dating skills, and move onward. Remember, you’ll meet someone else soon – whether it’s at a bar or at work. And one day, it will be a love connection!

Want More Tips to Improve Your Dating Life?

For lots of us, the personal relationships we share are a central part of our daily lives. It’s no surprise at all if you’re eager to find someone to share your life with! It’s only natural.

For more tips on how you can step up your game and improve your dating life, as well as other awesome self-improvement tips, check out our page!

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