DIY Design: 5 Interior Decorating Tips to Enhance Your Home

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Watching HGTV can spring forth inspiration or pure jealousy. Seeing the transformation of a bland, empty home transform into a work of art can set your brain off in an inspiring tizzy.

What those shows do is show you don’t need to hire an expensive interior decorator to enhance your home. All you need are these 5 interior decorating tips you can pull off yourself.

Painting Can Go A Long Way

Everyone loves a home that feels spacious. With space, there’s a sense you have more room to work with. Surely, you can tear down a couple of walls to create space, or you can paint your room.

Painting a room a lighter shade, such as white, can create the illusion that space is much larger than it appears to be. Conversely, darker shades can give the illusion of a cozier space.

Think about how you can utilize white walls to make your living room feel larger than it is.


Mirrors can also add to the illusion of a larger living space. The trick is to use any and all sources of natural light to your advantage. Don’t just leave large windows exposed, vertical blinds can perfectly tie a room together.

If you have a small room you want to appear large, use a big mirror. A large mirror can create faux depth, making the room larger than what it is. Remember to make the mirror the focal point of the room.


You can find beautiful pieces of art at discount department stores or thrift shops. The problem comes not from the artwork itself but how it’s displayed.

According to Reader’s Digest, artwork should hang at least three to eight inches above your furniture. It may seem like it’s not enough room, but it is. If there’s too much room between the piece and sofa, for instance, it can create the illusion of a blank wall.


A bookshelf can show guests just how well read you truly are but can add another layer of decoration.

The arrangement of your personal library can be easily overlooked when decorating your home. You can set up books vertically, horizontally, or a combination of either. In fact, the possibilities are almost endless.

Also, think about the color scheme of your bookshelf. Do you think a quick paint job can help with creating an artful look to your home?

A Rug That Really Ties The Room Together

A beautiful area rug can make a break a room, let alone a whole home. If you have hardwood floors, a soft, textured rug can provide that extra pop your home needs.

Your choice of rug shouldn’t be permanent, however. As the seasons change, so should your rugs.

Interior Decorating Tips

The possibilities are infinite when it comes to decorating your home on a budget. These interior decorating tips are just some a few things you can do right now. If you’re looking for a guide to kill mold in your home, check out the DIY section of our blog!

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