Stay Toasty This Winter: Learn How to Sew a Blanket

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Nothing can keep you warmer in the winter than a nice thick blanket. What makes it even warmer? The fact that you made it yourself.

They’re not just the perfect holiday gift for you, they’re perfect for your friends and family as well. Comfort items are the best so nobody will say no to another blanket to add to their collection. Also, nothing says “I love you” like something handcrafted and they will think of you every time they use it.

Do you not know how to make your own handcrafted blanket? We’ve got you covered. Here is a quick beginner’s tutorial on how to sew a blanket.

1. Choose Your Materials 

First, you’re going to choose your batting material. This is the padding that’s going to fill your blanket. You can get it packaged if you want, and whatever size you pick is going to determine the size of your blanket, so choose wisely. 

Next, you’ll choose the flannel this will be seen whenever you fold your blanket. They come in a lot of colors so you’ll want to get a packaged one. Lately, you’ll pick the fabric you want to use for the top layer. 

2. Break Out the Sewing Machine 

Line up your materials in the order of batting, flannel, and fabric. You’ll pin them together so they don’t come apart while you’re sewing them together. Place tape around the edges of the fabric to use as a guide. 

Slowly put your fabric through the sewing machine, being careful to sew along the edge of the tape. Be sure to backstitch before you start and after you finish so it doesn’t come undone. You’ll also leave a place unsewn for a later step.  

3. Finishing Up

When you’re done sewing, the sides will be bulky so you’ll want to trim them down without slicing your stitching. Once you’ve finished the trimming, you’re free to pull off the tape and take out the pins. 

The edges will still crinkle and stand up a little bit to take an iron and gently flatten them. If the edges look a little frayed, you can add satin blanket binding around the sides of the blanket for a final touch. 

4. Flip the Blanket Inside Out 

Right now the batting is on the outside so you’ll turn the blanket inside out using the area you kept open. For this part, it’s important that you pull it through slowly so you don’t rip the stitching and have to resew. 

After you’ve completely pulled your blanket inside out, you’ll sew up the hole and then you’re finally done. 

Your Guide on How to Sew a Blanket 

Getting and receiving a handmade blanket can provide you, or a friend with warmth on a cold winter’s night. Use this tutorial on how to sew a blanket to make your very own comfort item. 

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