Get Motivated: How to Start Losing Weight Before the New Year

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Losing a few pounds can do wonders for your health and self-image. Less stress because of the weight loss coincides with longer living. Self-confidence spurred by having a great body could improve your sociability.


Many people wanting to learn how to start losing weight is doing it wrong. They declare resolutions because of a ball drop yet 80% of them fail by February. They thought a declaration and resolution meant a strong commitment.

This is you. This is everyone.

A new year and another round of hoping the gut goes. Why not start early? You’re about to find out how to make it happen.

How to Start Losing Weight: Getting a Jump on the New Year (Before the Gym Rush)

You don’t need an arbitrary date dictating when you begin a lifestyle transformation. Losing weight is a commitment spanning throughout your life. The sooner you begin the earlier you realize this fundamental change.

The following section covers three key items:

  • Getting real with yourself
  • Creating smart goals
  • Developing good routines

Let’s explore how these will help you trim the fat.

A Dose of Reality and Your Lifestyle

The science of weight seems harsh but calculating your BMI is the 1st step of achieving health needs. How far out of your ideal BMI may dictate your weight loss journey. Diet & exercise may suffice for some while others need aid.

Weight loss aids could include:

A dose of reality may guide how you’ll achieve goals, too, by way of your financial and time commitment.

How to Create Smart Weight Loss Goals

Which goal do you think is achievable?

  1. “I will lose weight in 2019”
  2. “I will lose 10lbs by October because of the vacation”

Goals manifest when you have a conviction and a defined plan. Your conviction is the commitment mindset to push through weight loss plateaus. The plan is a detailed breakdown of how you’ll get it done and rewards to stay motivated.

Do this:

  1. Select a start and goal date
  2. Set milestones and rewards in increments
  3. Gather resources like exercise equipment and food plans
  4. Start a journal, start, and commit

Find internal and external motivators to reach your goals. This could include the reward system or taking on a health challenge with a friend or group. 

Scaling Routines for Cutting Weight Fast

Going from the couch to running a 5K is a long process. Remember, you’re committing to a lifestyle change — it takes time. There are learning curves and adjustments you’ll experience throughout the experience. 

Start with something small:

  • Tracking daily calories
  • Being more active

Scale it as you build endurance:

Find meal plans including foods you love but watch your intake. Find activities you enjoy in place of feeling forced to exercise.

Make Today the Start of a Better You

Learning how to start losing weight feels like you did something productive. The brain rewards you with serotonin and you move onto the next topic. That’s the trouble with motivation: it has a follow-up of doing something.

Prepare your mind as much its body through self-improvement. Make reading our self-help guides a tandem to today’s goal of losing weight.

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